My Painting: The Barbados Rock  

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Uploaded: 06/05/09 6:33 AM GMT
My Painting: The Barbados Rock
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Someone requested to look at a couple of my canvas paintings. So here is one I posted before, but will post again. I know it happens to be Pauls(Gerritsons)favorite...This is a painting of the rock at Barbados. I hope you all enjoy...thanx for taking a look.


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06/05/09 11:16 AM GMT
Verena, I can see why it's Paul favorite. Beautiful.
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
06/05/09 11:26 AM GMT
Another beauty you have done here, your are very talented Verena. Beautiful colours, wow
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My computer is back. HURRAY
06/05/09 11:59 AM GMT
This looks just like the mushroom rock at Barbados Verena! Love the colors you chose too! Thanks for posting this one also! I like the subjects you choose for your paintings! Thank you! Allen
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06/05/09 12:18 AM GMT
Faved+Saved instantly! I love your artwork and can't wait to see more.
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Journies end in lovers meeting...
06/05/09 1:21 PM GMT
That is very beautiful. Verena. You are such a good artist in many different fields. Very nice post.

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06/05/09 7:08 PM GMT
Somehow I suspected the painting master's hand of Verena !!!
10/10 in VB this moment, thanks and congratulations, dear friend.
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
06/05/09 9:10 PM GMT
Excellent Verena Van Gone. Love the colors.
"Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk."


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Insure what you touch during your lifetime, is not coated with the fingerprints of apathy....Tick
06/05/09 10:09 PM GMT
Very,Very Beautiful Verena..
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06/05/09 10:27 PM GMT
Beautiful colors you are using. Woman of many talents.
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06/06/09 12:14 AM GMT
I can see why everyone likes this.It is excellent! I am going to use this as my desktop.Fav!
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06/06/09 12:46 AM GMT
Beautiful colors here Verena, its lovely!
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06/06/09 4:04 AM GMT
How can I not with everyone else! This is beautifully done by you, the skilled lady, and gifted with many talents. How beautiful!! Glad someone requested your canvas work. A joy to see, and keep. Thank you for another bit of your fantastic work.


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06/06/09 7:10 PM GMT
lovely use of color
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To see the world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wildflower, to hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour. - William Blake
06/07/09 5:44 PM GMT
Wow, Verena. I love your colors. I understand why it is one of Pauls favorites. Good job.

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06/14/09 8:50 PM GMT
nice but would be nicer without the rock
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09/14/09 9:30 AM GMT
Impressionist style... :-)
Beautiful piece! Congrats :-)
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03/21/11 12:25 AM GMT
really really like this one!!
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04/15/11 2:12 AM GMT
Really love Verena's work~this makes me miss her even more.
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