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This time, a tribute to Salvador Dali! :-) more resolutions at thanks!


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02/02/07 7:13 AM GMT
Excellent illustration, very whimsical. Always a pleasure to see new items from your muse. :o)

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My GALLERY, such as it is. :o)
02/02/07 9:08 AM GMT
You couldn't tribute a better individual with this! Very Surrealist! Favs list for this one...Excellent work!
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"Let us forever cherish and hold sacred these moments...for it is our undoing ...should we forget..." -William Shakespeare ... Visit Jhihmoac's Gallery
02/02/07 12:59 AM GMT
An almost creepy illustration. Indeed this is a crazy surreal. They look like elephant balloons.

A good job providing a fitting background.
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I'm 18 and don't travel much. But I tend to bring my camera around just to catch what sticks out from my everyday goings. (pardon me if I speak my mind) *~* Gallery *~*
02/02/07 1:09 PM GMT
I LOVE IT ! Show me more.
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02/02/07 3:26 PM GMT
Of course your work is distinctive and when I saw it in the voting booth, I knew it was yours, but I couldn't tear my finger away from that last key on the right. I love all your work. It's always full of fun and intrigue and your presentations are unique, Vlad.


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"We consider the artist to be a special sort of person. It is more likely that each of us is a special sort of artist." Elsa Gidlow
02/02/07 5:07 PM GMT
nice, i just bought a poster of the salvador dali version of this, i love it.
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I came to get down
02/02/07 6:05 PM GMT
Another Day-Brightener from Vladstudio. Thanks!
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"The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne, Thassay so hard, so sharp the conquering..." Chaucer
02/03/07 6:34 PM GMT
Another fine piece of work from you. I enjoyed it very much.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
02/04/07 12:19 AM GMT
Your postings manage to be both very obviously yours and original at the same time. This one is intriguing and the title more so. Which temptation did you have in mind, I wonder? Or is that the temptation?

- cfr
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02/19/07 9:16 PM GMT
I always enjoy viewing your images. They make me feel young again :) Love the elephants and the way it's composed. Fine clarity and I like the lowkey colours and the background & foreground design. Thanks for this fun image :))
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I need to catch up on things so can't comment too much. But I love all of your fine images :)
02/19/07 9:18 PM GMT
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I need to catch up on things so can't comment too much. But I love all of your fine images :)
08/03/07 3:38 AM GMT
I don't even know what this means... Strange peeps going somestrangewhere to do somestrangethings. i love them. I want to meet these people. And their elephants. Make me feel all wistful. I love it. Thank you a whole big bunch!
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09/21/07 7:41 PM GMT
He's one of my fav artists. Love this piece. Straight to my favs.
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"Imperfection is beauty; madness is genius & it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. And when it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I'm really better than them."--Marilyn Monroe
10/31/07 8:53 PM GMT
I love this!
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01/27/09 5:52 AM GMT
I love the little person taking photos of this "strange" phenomena...what an interesting creation. Verena
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