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Here is the jelly fish Chorus! Taken at the Atlanta Aquarium and a continuation of my aquarium series. Thanks for the continued support!


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04/03/07 9:39 PM GMT
Now all I need is some beautiful music and then I can enjoy this for hours:))
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04/03/07 10:12 PM GMT
Another Keeper Hilda !

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04/03/07 10:28 PM GMT
Looks like they turned the tambourines upside down! lol Another goody for your gallery Hilda! C):-)
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04/03/07 10:38 PM GMT
Very beautiful !!!
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04/03/07 10:54 PM GMT
Beautiful colors!
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Starchip Enterprises Craps Pit
04/03/07 11:35 PM GMT
Your jelly fishs are fantastic, this is another lovely pis.
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04/04/07 12:45 AM GMT
Looks like they are singing from the same sheet of music, for sure, Hilda. Great shot.

♫ :)PJ ♪

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04/04/07 1:47 AM GMT
keep up the wonderful pics Hilda
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04/04/07 2:18 AM GMT
ya been moofed!
(faved and running!)
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...of all the things i've lost... i miss my mind the LEAST!
04/04/07 11:23 AM GMT
Love the depth of this one. I still find it odd this is classified as a fish.
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04/06/07 2:45 AM GMT
What goes up usually comes down! Another nice capture, Hilda!
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04/07/07 6:18 PM GMT
Beautiful Hilda. Lovely color and clarity. A keeper for sure.
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09/11/07 3:44 PM GMT
That musta been some super clean glass! I thought you were an underwater photographer until I read the description!
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10/13/07 3:25 AM GMT
dang... thats freakin awesome. the clarity of the shot... the detail.. gorgeous water color.. in my favorites..
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01/21/09 7:28 AM GMT
Awesome colors!
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