King Of Clubs  

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Uploaded: 03/01/06 8:23 PM GMT
King Of Clubs
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My first take on the card given to me. Thanks to Jorune for letting me use Pale and to Pierre for Château de Vêves 2. Must view full screen to see detail. Hope you all enjoy.



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03/01/06 9:54 PM GMT
a fine gothic rendering here makes for a suitably atmospheric card image. nice work.
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03/01/06 11:32 PM GMT
Oh my.. This is good.. I like!!!!!
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One bead at a time
03/02/06 3:06 AM GMT
Is that Frankenstein? Very good, rather sinister looking.
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03/02/06 3:07 AM GMT
no.. its actually Jorune's uncle.. he had the exact facial expression i wanted for this card..
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03/02/06 6:16 AM GMT
Incredible piece of work here is powerful and very stimulating to the brain. It conjures up all types of fantasies......well done my friend :~)
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~ Mimi~
03/02/06 12:13 AM GMT
Wonderful work Dj. Congrats! :-)
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03/02/06 4:27 PM GMT
Overall, I love it. I love the expression on the face, and the other elements. One thing that I'm not keen on...the face looks like it's got caked on, cracked makeup to me. It brings back memories of applying clown-white for a vampire show some friends and I did a while a go. Aside from smoothing out the skin texture, I really do love this image.
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03/04/06 2:39 PM GMT
hmm i like this alot! if you want to pander to my desires! id like to see the rest of the card pick up a bit more of the white highlights mimicing the face tones! just to balance out the image! as it seems a bit top heavy on highlights otherwise its perfect! but please feel free to tweak it and do as many alt designs as you like!
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04/11/06 3:46 AM GMT
Very very well done amazing work on this one keep up the good work
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07/29/06 12:01 AM GMT
Love this- props for excellent work on a face card. :)
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09/20/06 12:59 AM GMT
That is so's dark..i like it.
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12/03/06 8:11 PM GMT
Wow. Absolutely beautiful.
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05/03/08 2:49 AM GMT
Saw this on the "Featured Image" section on the homepage...Great composition! Faved!
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07/09/09 5:47 PM GMT
Totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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09/06/09 6:24 PM GMT
.` ♥..
..) .*)
(.♥ (.♥αвsσlutєlч fαntαstc ` ♥..
..) .*)
(.♥ (.♥
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αттιтυ∂єѕ αяє σитαgισυѕ. ιѕ уσυяѕ ωσятн αтнιиg؟
12/16/09 5:19 AM GMT
Excellent creataive i like it so much,,, keep it up
good luck ^_^
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