First spider  

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Uploaded: 01/01/07 5:40 PM GMT
First spider
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So... I was playing with a script, came up with this one and the other one. Here, i really liked the green. been a while since I made anything with a caedes spider.


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01/01/07 6:19 PM GMT
Scripts,I love them,Great piece love the green.well done
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01/01/07 8:04 PM GMT
I prefer the colour of the second one but well done :-)
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01/01/07 8:16 PM GMT
I like the first a little more Jenny, you know me..........colour. LOL Both are very nice though.
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01/02/07 5:39 PM GMT
I like the greens here - it would make excellent gift wrap. I also like the subtlety of this one - the patterning seems a bit more delicate with this colour than the other. But the second one wins overall for me as I think the grey spiders work perfectly with the magentas of that version.

Both are very nice work though.

- cfr
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05/14/17 6:47 PM GMT
Saw this on the Homepage...Likey...faved!
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