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Same params as the other ones, a different view. Ladies and gentlemen, we are currently leaving the portion of the Metro under Hell's jurisdiction. You can still see reflections of that portion in the structure of this one. Please take a last look, because we are commencing our ascent to light. What you find there - who knows.


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05/09/07 5:37 PM GMT
very cool, well done :-)
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My site
05/09/07 6:25 PM GMT
awesome work!
into my faves!
and when you ready to leap in-i will go with!!
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...of all the things i've lost... i miss my mind the LEAST!
05/09/07 7:59 PM GMT
Nice shine and colours Jenny, makes me think of going dooooooooowwnnnn.
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Always remember - Follow the Yellow Brick Road, it will lead you to the Emerald City and OZ A very nice place to repose. Trust me on this one, I live there. :-)................ MY GALLERY - THE LION****Another Site I'm AT - MY DA HOMEPAGE
05/10/07 2:23 AM GMT
Gorgeous colours and light. Wonderful work.

- cfr
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05/10/07 3:33 PM GMT
Awesome work Jenny. I think you should lower the gamma a little bit and it would look even better, but I think its awesome.
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Fighting for freedom is like screwing for virginity. - Anon
07/19/07 7:46 PM GMT
Very cool!
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Imagination is more important than knowledge. -- Albert Einstein
10/08/07 8:06 PM GMT
my weeks fav. ty
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luv the images, no i mean>> {MASTERPECIES} ...u guys are awsome!!
12/14/09 5:44 PM GMT
Look like i'm in a portal or something.
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