Contest #11: "In Print" Winners

Submitted by xentrik 10/12/04 4:01 AM GMT

Judging has been completed, and we are pleased to announce the winners of Contest 11: "In Print". You can see all contest submissions in the "In Print" gallery.
Congratulations to the victorious, and an excellent job to all who submitted!


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10/17/04 1:57 AM GMT
The prizes have been distributed. I think that some speeches might be in order. =)
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10/17/04 3:05 AM GMT
Congratulation Reddawg151 and to JOHANNA! the man with the golden eye for sure. What a great photographer. And a great render reddawg151. Well deserved. Thanks again JOHANNA for giving me the oppurtunity to render one of your beautiful photographs as well.

Hats off

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10/17/04 3:58 AM GMT
I would like to say thank you to the 41 people that voted for my image and to Caedes for having such a great site. I didn't upload my image until the closing night of the contest, which I believe was just 3 or 4 days ago. I want to personally thank everyone that took the time to give me, and my image such positive feedback and for taking the time to vote. Although I didn't win, you have all made me feel like a winner!.

Views: 119
Downloads: 67
c-index: 79:100

There are no losers here. This site overflows with the best talent from around the world!

Thank You!
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Whatever you imagine, is reality.
10/17/04 5:18 AM GMT
Congratulations to all the winners...I am personally quite pleased with the choices of the judges but commend all those who entered for their superb work. : Pat.
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10/17/04 5:41 AM GMT
I want to thank Joost first, without his great image I wouldn't have been able to create an image to come even close to doing the poem justice. I'm proud of this piece, and I also want to thank xentrik and everyone else involved in launching this contest for the inspiration, Robert Frost for his great poem, and all of the comments and support from all the members and moderators. "You like it, you really like it!" :-D
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10/17/04 6:03 AM GMT
I would like to thank Bob for the teamwork , and the beautiful rework of the photo as well as the poem of Frost. Also thank to all the voters in this contest for rewarding us and the moderators too.
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Carpe diem.
10/17/04 8:49 AM GMT
Congratulations Sally (giggle) and Joost! That's one magical Walking Lane Joost. I'm so happy Bob saw the extra season still hidden within it. A classic work. Mr. Frost is smiling down on you.

My congratulations to the other winners too! ;)
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10/17/04 9:00 AM GMT
Congrats Joost, Bob, Rebecca, Greg, Cem & Steve!
You do a very nice job for a very difficult contest! (So difficult that I didn't see how to participate myself...) ;-)
Caedes forgot the prize-money:
10 000 $ for Bob & Joost
5 000 $ for Rebecca
3 000 $ for Greg
1 000 $ for Rebecca (again), Cem & Steve
The winners must contact the administrator for the payment in cash
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10/17/04 10:03 AM GMT
Hahahaha :)

Congratulations to all the winners!
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Just be.
10/17/04 10:11 AM GMT
I have not been very active recently - other commitments, so I hadn't really watched the entries rolling in. Looking at the winning submissions I am very impressed at the excellent quality of the images submitted. Kudos to the winners!
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10/17/04 4:45 PM GMT
Congratulations again to all the winners as well as to everyone who participated, this contest brought out a lot of great entries. Thanks again everyone.
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10/17/04 6:14 PM GMT
Congrats. I knew ya'll would do a well job and win. A congrats goes to everyone else as well. Good Job!!!!

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10/17/04 6:46 PM GMT
Congrats everyone....lots of talent here and I am glad to be part of it. :)
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Ange "This above all: To thy own self be true."
10/17/04 8:43 PM GMT
OH! I got Second Place and an Honorable Mention!! :D That really makes my day! A big "Thank You" to everyone here at Caedes! Especially to BJ for her wise advice and Ruby for her unflagging support. Also to the Image Mods who deemed my images worthy :) And of course Caedes who made this site possible in the first place!! I'm so proud to be a part of this great community and have learned and improved so much through taking part here. I'm truly grateful!

A big Congrats goes to Joost and Bob for their First Place win, way to go! Truly a splendid image and well worth the win. You should both be proud!

Ok, time to stop before this sounds like one of those silly Oscar speeches (and I'd like to thank mom, dad, brother billy, sister susie and my cat milo....) you know the ones! lol

Thanks again everyone!!
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10/17/04 8:59 PM GMT
well done Joost, Bob, congrats to all of you guys! really great pieces for this contest^^
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10/17/04 10:20 PM GMT
Thanks to all the people who voted for my photo! I would never have dreamed of getting third place in this contest with all of the talented competition here on Caedes. Congratulations to all the people who entered their work and to Joost, Bob, Rebecca, Cem and Steve. A pat on the back is certainly deserved by all!
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10/17/04 11:24 PM GMT
Those new titles are well deserved. Congrats to all!
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10/17/04 11:59 PM GMT
Congrats to all the most deserved winners. And a big thanks to Xentrik for his organisation of this very well run contest!
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10/18/04 2:31 AM GMT
Yes...thanks alot Mike for a great contest!!!
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"Thought is a bird of space, that in a cage of words may indeed unfold its' wings but cannot fly". ~ Kahlil Gibran.
10/18/04 3:38 AM GMT
*bows to the crowd* :-)
Congratulations once again to the winners.
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10/18/04 3:39 AM GMT
Congratulations and thanks to all participants who did a wonderful job on this contest. Thank you especially xentrik for putting the contest on. =)
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"We are learning to do a great many clever things...The next great task will be to learn not to do them." -G.K. Chesterton
10/18/04 6:16 PM GMT
Thanks to everybody who attended, involved... And congratulations. ;)
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10/19/04 7:15 PM GMT
Congratulations all around -- everyone did an outstanding job. :)
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10/28/04 11:58 AM GMT
congrats to the winners & all who took part, some great results, just disappointed in myself for not being able to partake in this one. wicked stuff :~{D
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