Contest #11: "In Print"

All winners receive a three month membership in the Caedes Cadre and are appointed the title "Honorable Knight of the Digital Arts" (HKotDA).

First Place
The Road Not Taken by reddawg151 and JOHANNA

Bob and Joost team up with some incredible results for this first-place entry. Showcasing their talents in photography and editing, they've created an excellent representation of Frost's words. I expected to see this poem in the contest, and I'm glad it was used by such a talented duo.

Second Place
Nothing Gold Can Stay by CanoeGuru

Rebecca has done an amazing job in this image, based on another Frost poem. A beautiful edit which combines leaves and a sunset to illustrate Frost's idyllic words extremely well.

Third Place
Face the Sunshine by gs208103

Greg has taken an outstanding photo here which depicts his chosen quote beautifully. Excellent silhouettes are set against an extremely dramatic sunset. Another wonderful contest entry.

Honorable Mention
These artists receive a one month membership in the Caedes Cadre.
Annabel Lee... by CanoeGuru
Over the Edge by cemkarahan
The World in a Grain of Sand by graphics_pro89