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Submitted by caedes 05/27/05 1:10 AM GMT

As I look through the galleries here, I am always impressed with the quality of the non-wallpaper art that is uploaded every day. As many of you know, I have been planning to enable sharing of images that are not wallpaper shaped, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more 'tall' photos and art pieces of various aspect ratios. Once the software is finished however, we will need to think about how we want to integrate this new type of content with the existing wallpapers on the site. Since many people only come here to see desktop wallpaper, we probably shouldn't force them to view the art pieces that won't fit on their screen. On the other hand, we want all the visitors to know that the site offers more than just wallpapers. My current thoughts range from allowing visitors to choose 'wallpaper' or 'not wallpaper' from a dropdown menu to having a more separated site at or What would you like to see?


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05/27/05 2:06 AM GMT
I definately think it's a good idea, Caedes is a site of substance and I think a large number of the caedian (cool, eh? :)) community are appreciators of art rather than simply looking for something which looks nice for their desktop (this of course being an added advantage). But yeah... there are times when someone like I would just look through the photos and add those I like best to my favourites without actually uploading to my screen. I suppose it might mean taking off desktop wallpaper from the site description... Although I feel one site for all to be the best, knowing me (which might not be true of everyone) I'd rather just stick to one caedes related site instead of switching between two. Plus a second site might then need to retain all the personality of the old site its Navigation(the topics of discussion might look very different... you know smart arty, Galleries and would those registered to caedes have to register to the photo separately; You have a scenario where all members of caedes wallpaper are automatic members of caedes photo, or another scenario where you have those who simply want to view wallpapers or just photos. (Now it seems my systems analysis course is beginning to make sense...). I feel if the photos you have in mind are still very small in number when compared to the wallpaper art then you should simply make a new gallery with its own subsets kinda like how New images has every other gallery as a subset. And then make the clause or publicity for non-wallpaper art more obvious to visitors.
However I suppose if you have quite a large number of photos a separate site might be more suitable...
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05/27/05 2:52 AM GMT
What do you consider "Non-Wallpaper" art caedes? I thought all the images here were for our desktops???
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05/27/05 2:56 AM GMT
i think he means things like drawings and odd-sized photographs that are formatted to fit desktop resolutions
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click here for pure excellence
05/27/05 3:11 AM GMT
i'm also a big fan of the more non-wallpaper oriented stuff.
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05/27/05 5:22 AM GMT
Sounds like a great idea. I'm all for it. However, I must say it's been a fun challenge to design for the limits that were imposed on us. :)
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05/27/05 6:02 AM GMT
I think I would prefer seperate galleries to seperate websites; eg, "New Wallpaper" and "New Images". Or having the "Wallpaper only" option would be good too; actuallly it might be better because it could be applied to the the permenant galleries as well.
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05/27/05 9:09 AM GMT
I was looking at the winamp site and they have a problem with "modern" skins with totally different shapes and "classic" skins which conform to the old standard size and shape. Their search and browsing can separate the two or leave them all together when you go through the skins. It works very well.

The only problem when applying it to Caedes is how to display the odd pics without shrinking them too much, but that can be solved by spacing everything out a little more.

Look at they have used the ability to display different size pics for a long time.
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05/27/05 4:06 PM GMT
I would perfer the dropdown menu to the seperate site. No matter what you decide to do, I know it will be great!
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05/27/05 6:00 PM GMT
Not that anyone's going to take my opinions seriously or even care, hehe, but I was just wondering why being able to upload images of any desirable size is necessay, because if people don't like the desktop resolutions...they can always crop the images, or resize them in a different way...
though, at the end of the's your site, so it's really what you think that counts...and I might just be being stupid as there could be a perfectly obvious reason behind your idea that my silly, little brain has not thought of yet ;]
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PrettyFae x...Spread the Passion...
05/27/05 6:47 PM GMT
Just make separate galleries. Keep the existing ones for the wallpapers and make another subsection for the artistic/"tall"/whatever else type stuff. I know the software would have to be different for the new galleries since they don't use the default image sizes, so I'm not exactly sure how that would work. I supose the new gallery could have people upload images to a maximum size to keep storage sizes lower (say, 2000x2000 pixel max or something). You wouldn't necessarily have to remove "desktop wallpapers" form the website description since it still has wallpapers. Just add "artistic photographs" or whatever you want to call it.

Is there a problem with integrating the new software while keeping the existing software while using the same URL? I wouldn't think so, but that's why I'm not an Admin of a site such as this. If you could use the two softwares for different sub-galleries of the site, that would be best, in my opinion. Just modify the Uploads page with either a new form for uploading "artistic" or "abnormally proportioned" (something less insulting, preferrably, than that, I'd think ;) ) images. Or you could make links to two different Uploads pages, one for wallpapers and another for the new image types.

I think adding the option to upload non-wallpaper type images is great, seeing as I do take many pictures with my camera in the vertical position ;) I look forward to it, caedes.
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05/27/05 7:27 PM GMT
I like the separate galleries idea as opposed to separate domains. Some sort of option to see either regular images, 'irregular' images or both would be good.

However, this leads to a deeper discussion: there are already images on the site which whilst conventionally sized with the 4:3 ratio are nevertheless not conventional desktop images. Indeed, many of the excellent, creative images here are not necessarily good for desktop use where minimalism and simplicity can be a good thing. Therefore, should we extend the non-wallpaper distinction to include normal-sized 'artistic' images (at the author's discretion)?
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05/27/05 11:08 PM GMT
In my oppinion this would be a good way for it to work:
Have a check box that you can click when uploading an image that is sutable for a wallpaper (right aspect ratio and and all that good stuff). Then when someone views the gallery allow them to decided if they want to have the images that did not have this checked or if they only want to see the ones they can use for a wallpaper. Most wallpapers are also artistic, so if im browsing looking for artistic pictures i would want to see the wallpapers aswell. But i suppose if i was someone who was seaching for a wallpaper and didn't want one with borders or such then i wouldn't want to see the artistic ones.

That is my two cents.
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05/28/05 12:09 AM GMT
My vote go's for the drop down menu.I think it would dilute the name the mission and the purpose of if it channeled artistic energy to a diffrent site albiet one with the caedes name.
Peace&Respect Jojo
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05/28/05 3:45 AM GMT
As does everyone else so far (I think), I agree that seperation on the same site would be preferred.

I like Milo's idea about checking a box on the uplaod page, but instead of dealing with size, it should say something similar to "Check if the image you are uploading is designed to be a desktop background and fits the resolution and purpose requirements." or "Check if this corresponds to the desktop wallpaper guidelines." and then have a link explaining that this should be proper size, but just as important, intention of the author.

A drop down menu would be nice, preferabbly above the gallery selections. Being able to choose "Wallpaper Compatible" and "Wallpaper Uncompatible" and "Both" would be efficient, but then there would be a new discussion board thread every week wondering why widescreen resolutions aren't considered compatible. Yet more galleries???

I hope I have been a help instead of a nusance. Let me know the outcome!
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05/28/05 6:28 AM GMT
I think that if the catagories were enlarged, that would cover both the desktop art people and the people that are looking for great art!!! I love this site and am always looking for any art. I can make it work for a desktop if the picture strikes me! Don't you agree?! If the picture(or art) moves you, you want it on your computer! At least that is how I view it!
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05/28/05 10:43 AM GMT
On the left change the heading "Galleries" to "Wallpaper Galleries" . Add a new heading "Art Galleries"each with their own 'new images' section.

Two upload links, one for each. Possibly a third link above it titled upload instructions (since no one seems to read the faqs and understand them before they begin posting)

Or possibly one upload images link that takes you to a page where the sections are defined and you check a box beside the definitions before you continue to that sections upload page.......Just some thoughts
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05/28/05 11:21 AM GMT
Thanks for all the ideas so far. Don't worry about the technological hurdles that might come up. At this point I'm only interested in worrying about the organization issues.
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05/28/05 4:30 PM GMT
One thing that definitly needs to be kept in mind is we want to come up with a way that images that could go both ways do, so that they can get the exposure they deserve. If someone uploads a picture that is the right dimensions for a wallpaper, i think that is reason enough for it to be included when someone is looking for wallpapers. This way it is seen by as many people as possible and users can decide if it is what they like for a desktop. Some people might need an image that has an area for icons, while others might not have icons at all and don't care if thats the case. That means that any image that fits should be in the wallpaper section in my oppinion.
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"A piece of toast with butter always lands butter side down, and a cat always lands on its feet. What happens if a piece of toast is tied butter side down to the back of a cat? Does it perpetually hover above the ground in indecision when dropped?"
05/28/05 6:43 PM GMT
I have always enjoyed looking at the Non-Wallpaper oreinted images and I think it's a great idea to have more of them on the site. I think the drop down bar would be the best way to choose, then the user doesn't have to switch sites, he just chooses between Wallpaper and Non-Wallpaper images.
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05/29/05 12:25 AM GMT
I like it just the way it is. If you must change anything.....perhaps just add an additional section for "Odds and Ends". =0)
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05/29/05 12:53 AM GMT
ok.. heres my 2 cents.. i agree with the checkbox idea on the upload page.. but maybe a little more elaborate.. say, multiple check boxes with a slightly more in depth catagorizing.. maybe something along the lines of this..

[] Submit into Artistic Galleries
[] Submit into Wallpaper Galleries

and have it where you could check both boxes if the image fits.. *shrugs*.. well thats my idea

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05/29/05 9:57 AM GMT
Yeah, neat idea, DJ.
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05/29/05 9:04 PM GMT
i would have to say a seperate gallery sounds like the best idea...i would just make a seperate gallery for like "art work" or "non-wallpaper images" or something like that. would probably attract a whole new crowd to the site, those not just looking for wallpaper, but also a...ummm....more artistic site, not to say that caedes already isnt...but u know what i mean...well thats all i have to say
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05/30/05 6:50 AM GMT
This website should be about art for the most part. Everyone has made such beautiful creations that they should be not restricted to a certain size. However, I must say having such a large repository for wallpaper is awesome.
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05/30/05 3:17 PM GMT
I think the idea of a drop down (wallpaper or non-wallpaper) is an excellent idea and simple enough to grasp and use...looking forward to it also...while this is primarily a wallpaper site, I am positive that many who come here, also appreciate art in other forms and will be pleased with that additional choice.:Pat.
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05/30/05 6:53 PM GMT
A separate gallery might be best for now but if it grows big enough fast enough a separate site will be necessary. A prominent link at each site on each page should be sufficient for viewers. I like the idea of a checkboxes for submissions. This, too would be at each site, though not every page...
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05/31/05 1:15 AM GMT
Hey sweet site! What I would like to see is some bigger images. I sport a 3 monitor system that has a resolution of 3840 x 1024. I understand that this isn't very practical to dedicate an entire section to, but finding images this size is quite difficult. It would be nice to have a couple every now and then.

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05/31/05 8:36 AM GMT
Whoa...that's one big screen :O
Weird resolutions must be very long in comparison to the height...
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PrettyFae x...Spread the Passion...
05/31/05 3:27 PM GMT
if we get a very large volume of these images (which i'm sure we will over time) we should probably place these on a separate site rather than in a misc. gallery (which would also have to have many other subsets).
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06/01/05 12:08 AM GMT
Seperate site as in a new drop down menu with the same sub-categories and discussion boards and features or a seperate site as in

I say stick with the same site. You don't want to have a whole new name for people to discuss how not to pronounce it. :-D
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06/01/05 12:28 AM GMT
Great stuff! I took a long look at earlier this year, and posted there. Since it is a photo-only site and verticals + the 35mm 3:2 aspect ratios are "normal" there, I thought I might prefer it to Caedes. In the end, I decided to stick here. Two reasons. First, there is a strong sense of community on Caedes, one of people collaborating and sharing techniques. Equally important, there's a ton of creative diversity here that I find nowwhere else. For example, I just get floored at how much some of the non-photographic works by Nathan Smith represent the spirit of the American West and how his frames (and those of others such as BJB) complement the photos. This diversity helps keep my creative spark glowing. Moreover, the technology behind Caedes is seamless, bug free, consistently "fast" and easy to use. Hats off to you for that!

Since I shoot in 3:2 aspect ratios and do my share of verticals, I really welcome the opportunity to post in my "native" formats and / or crops of my choosing and to exhibit my stuff in a "place" dedicated to photos. Maybe I'm reading the "photos only" part into your post, but I would prefer a photo only, aspect ratio "neutral" portion of Caedes. However, rather than separate sites, I would prefer to keep one Caedes URL with separate "galleries" for photos and other graphic forms, whether wallpaper or not, but easy to use bridges between the two parts of the site. What would really be cool would be the ability to post both a 3:2 aspect ratio pic and another 4:3 version of the same shot with the second tagged as wallpaper, BUT only have one version of each such shot show up in my gallery. Analyzing and coding that would likely put the red back in your eyeballs! Anyhow, thanks for what you've achieved with Caedes so far and for not hovering in one place too long!
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06/01/05 9:09 AM GMT
Removing the limitations on size is a great way to further Caedes growing collection of artwork, although as a photographer, I would have only occasionally use for this - black bars are wonderful things. As people can still set 'oddly' shaped pictures as their wallpaper (that and some people have differently shaped screens anyway), it shouldn’t be too much of a concern with those who just go around looking for a nice background - it’s the art that makes it nice, not its size.
Nevertheless, as the majority of people who will be affect by this change are members, a drop down menu that allows you to select what kinds of images you wish to view (i.e. Desktop, Artwork, or Both), and saves it as a preference, would seem to be the best way to implement this expansion of the Caedes artwork network. This would go well along side a categorization system, like the "galleries" currently implemented in the Caedes home page. An entire new site, or even a separate part of the main Caedes site would limit the exposure that the superb artworks uploaded will receive, only serving to constrict their opportunity for critique, recognition and praise.
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06/01/05 5:04 PM GMT
A very good idea! Love it.
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06/01/05 5:12 PM GMT
I still don't really think all this is necessary...if people don't like desktop sized images...then there is always the option of cropping...
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PrettyFae x...Spread the Passion...
06/01/05 9:20 PM GMT
I think it would be best to have a 'wallpaper'/'non-wallpaper' section. Allows for better integration of the site and easier navigation as well.
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06/02/05 5:34 AM GMT
Not that anyone cares, but I think the separate galleries idea is the best idea. I've visited a lot of different sites; it's frustrating when you have to wait for another link to open. Takes too much time. I do like the "art" idea; sometimes a photo is just not suitable for the desktop sizes.
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06/02/05 9:16 PM GMT
that seems like a really easy and good way to organize it all.
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06/03/05 2:17 AM GMT
I like the idea you posted.

On a side note, I'd like to know why it takes so god-awful long for some of my images to get a c-index? I know it updates every 24 hours, but I've had images up for nearly two weeks that didn't get any. I thought it might be the votes, but I've had other images with just as few votes get c-indexes. I usually just end up deleting the image. If I can't get a decent review (ie c-index), then there's no reason for me to keep the image posted.
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If a picture is good enough for you to click on, it's good enough for you to vote on.
06/03/05 4:10 AM GMT
The requirements are that your image have at least 5 votes. Once it gets the fifth vote, it will get a c-index the next time that it is calculated.
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06/03/05 11:40 AM GMT
I think Cameron's idea is well founded and eloquently delivered. Dwight.
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06/03/05 3:46 PM GMT
Go for it !! Excelent ideia

Best Regards
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06/13/05 10:23 PM GMT
I think having a seperate site would be too much. Personally, I think the idea to expand is great, but I agree that I think there should be a browser type option opposed to having another address.
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06/14/05 5:12 PM GMT many thoughts here...its wonderful how everyone "works together" in caedes. I've been so impressed with the people here, how helpful they are etc...Now then, I like things two galleries sounds good. I come here not only for wallpaper, but to view whatever wonderful artistic things there are. I do a lot of canvas painting, and many have allowed me use their photos as "model" for them...that means a lot to me. Such great photography here! But simple is best I think....either way, you all are pretty darned smart and I know you will figure it out and do it the best way....but its great that we can alll express our thoughts on it....
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06/15/05 2:20 AM GMT
Maybe when the image is uploaded, either the uploader, or the image mod (or both), could check off a few attributes for the image to indicate major styles, like 'painting', 'sketch', 'fractal', 'drawing', '3d art', (any others?)

Then, in our OWN profiles, we could turn on/off what we'd like to see included in the New Images gallery. This method would likely be the least confrontational/controversial, and users can keep private the types of things they don't really care to view.

I've never really cared the about the size/ratio thing. If I like it, I'll find a way to have it for a wallpaper even if it doesn't match my resolution well. On the other hand, there are types of images that I just would never set for my own personal wallpaper, and so I'd like to not see them at all :-)
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06/15/05 9:01 AM GMT
I agree with the people who want the non-desktop stuff in a separate gallery as then you don't have to waste time opening links to other sites and everyone gets what they want.
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06/28/05 6:35 PM GMT
A separate gallery or section under the regular galleries seems like a good idea for site navigation. For uploading, perhaps list the specifications (appropriate sizes, etc) above two options (eg. radio buttons), one for "this image conforms to desktop wallpaper specifications" and one for "this image does not conform to the specifications above (is of different dimensions or is otherwise not suited for desktop wallpaper)" ... and if people submit correctly the mods shouldn't have too much work making sure things go in the right galleries :)
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07/02/05 10:26 PM GMT
Yes, I have many art images that are portrait shape. However I add extra space on the sides to make them fit the screen. I am happy with the result. I very much enjoy being part of Ceades. Good fun.
However I have one problem in that ANY nudity is banned. In my art nudity is beauty and an expression of God. I would ban anything that is pornographic or sexual orientated. But probably for the new CAEDES ART this requirement could be reformulated? Like my portraits, nudity is expressed with the same reverence.
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