Artist Spotlight #21

Submitted by Piner 12/22/06 12:41 AM GMT

Our latest Artist Spotlight falls upon the 'blossoming' photographer, marilynjane. Be sure to check out her gallery and give her some feedback on her works.

Hello Everyone,

I am deeply honored to be nominated for the Artist Spotlight by my wonderful friends at Caedes. I consider this to be a real blessing indeed!

My name is Marilyn Walsh, and I am known to Caedes members as marilynjane. I live in Lansing, Michigan, the state that is surrounded by the magnificent Great Lakes. I attended Michigan State University, married, raised six children, and have five grandchildren. During this time, I had the pleasure of owning two German Shepherds and one Shi-Tzu, who the children and I enjoyed immensely.

I was first introduced to Caedes by a close friend two years ago and have been a member ever since. I became keenly interested in floral photography when I awoke to nature's beauty during my daily runs. In my youth, I expressed my creativity through roller-skating, ice-skating, and tennis. Today, I gain great satisfaction from capturing the magic of color and the intricate design of "the flower" through the lens of a camera.

I am currently using an Olympus e-500; however, the bulk of my work was done with an Olympus Camedia C-740 Ultra Zoom, 3.2 megapixels. I am benefiting from experimenting with PhotoShop, and I am delighted with the enhanced quality of the images produced. I recently joined a photography club in my area, and I am enjoying learning from and sharing ideas with others in a relaxed atmosphere. It has been remarkably entertaining!

I have enjoyed every minute of my association with Caedes and have met many wonderful, talented people here who have shared their skills and talents with me. Among these numerous great artists are Nathan Smith, Bob Graham (Dunstickin'), Junebug (June), Mimi, Russ Heidlerr, and Michael (Photoimagery). And special thanks to Jerry Lysco, who has been a friendly helper in teaching me a better understanding of the computer.

Learning from, laughing with, and knowing the friendly, generous people from Caedes has been one of my most pleasant experiences! Thank you for your recognition!




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12/22/06 2:02 AM GMT
Alright alright! This one is all mine. *evil laugh, yet friendly* Sum1 is playing a joke on me right?! (You'll understand if you've read my comments in the forums from the past few days)

I have looked through your gallery, and i have to say my view on flower pictures has changed! I've never seen/met you on caedes (or at least i dont remember) but anyways, congradulations w/ the artist spotlight.

*edit* I probably have seen you around on caedes, even commented on one of your images and probably the other way around also, but i have a hard time remembering names. Congrats again...

*one more edit* Merry X-mas to every1.
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12/22/06 3:09 AM GMT
Congratulations Marilyn on this well deserved recognition.

Your Gallery is always a delight and an inspiration to view, and one of the great pleasures for me here on Caedes. It was your fine example that led me to experiment with flower photography, very soon realizing that is is not as easy as some may imagine :)

Always generous with comments and encouragement you are a great asset to this site, and we are fortunate to see nature's beauty through your eyes/lens.

Enjoy your time in the spotlight, no one deserves it more.

Have a happy holiday season and I look forward to many more of your beauties.

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The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Marcel Proust
12/22/06 3:55 AM GMT
Hey Marilyn,

Congratulations on getting in the Spotlight. Judging by your works you truly deserve it. It's nice to see a girl get it this time. Good going...for a girl. Just kidding I'll probably get hammered by all the girls for that one. Once again good going. A nice Christmas gift.
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12/22/06 6:40 AM GMT
Well, well, well Miss Marilyn! Look how far you have come. I think I remember one of your first posts. Now I look forward to all the 'eye candy' that you continually provide for us. There have been times, the good, the bad and the ugly, but you never fail to put a smile on my face with your upbeat comments as well as your beautiful images, not all of which are flower images. You are not afraid to branch out into other areas and have bravely taken on the new Olympus camera and forged ahead despite it's objections!! lol
I am honored to know you and pleased as punch that you are the featured artist. You deserve every moment of your kick back and soak up the have earned it my friend. Job well done ;=) What a Christmas gift this is to you! *******MERRY CHRISTMAS*******
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12/22/06 7:53 AM GMT
Hoi Marilyn, congratulations on beeing choosen for the artist spotlight !
Just checked out your gallerie pages, and there are lots and lots of good pictures to
enjoy, so keep up the good work !

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please visit my gallery - mountain site or my little Switzerland Forum
12/22/06 10:17 AM GMT
Congratulations Marilyn

Happy Holidays.
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We know what we are, but not what we may be . my pictures
12/22/06 10:45 AM GMT
Congrads to you...flower lady!!

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12/22/06 5:12 PM GMT
Congratulations, Marilyn :o)
i couldn't think of a more deserving person to receive this honor. not only do you have some incredible photography in your gallery,but in commenting on my work, you've shown yourself to be a kind, and extremely thoughtful individual. enjoy the spotlight, but it's not like you'll need it to shine.
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Hi,my name is Rob..ok, so I'm not the greatest at replies and comments. Sorry. For anyone needing to contact me, my email is back up in my profile. >> my cluttered mess of a gallery
12/22/06 9:05 PM GMT
Marilyn - Congratulations. . . .(wait. . . I have to pop the top of a cheery adult beverage. . . OK I'm ready). . . ." A toast to Marilyn who has shared with us her glee for the color, beauty and detail, revealed in her photography. She also expresses these same qualities in her flowery comments. I am thrilled you were selected as Spotlight Artist and I have no doubt you continue to develop and share the wonderful natural talent you have.. . . now its time to sip our beverage in your honor. Hip Hip Horray! "
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Trying to create good pictures, I feel as if I am standing on the edge of Insanity. There was a door. I found myself knocking on the door. The door opened. I was knocking from the inside. Oh Darn!
12/22/06 11:27 PM GMT
A sweet Holiday treat Marilyn...congrats!!
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Picture Purrrfect . Some people are like slinky's, completely useless but still a lot of fun when you push them down the stairs. 8~O
12/23/06 7:14 AM GMT
I never ever doubted for one minute that you would NOT get the 'Artists Spotlight'...your work is always of beauty and never ceases to amaze me with your talents!.....We only have to go look through your gallery of the most beautiful flowers that you have capture and presented to us!.....You always have a warm and encouraging word to all that you comment on, which is very typical of the kind of person that you are!.....Enjoy the high status my love, it only lasts a month on Caedes!...but in you, it will last forever!
Congratulations my sweet friend.
I will celebrate in style, and raise a glass of the finest champagne to you!..
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*Please forgive me, for not replying to every one of your lovely images-Problems with my hands is making it difficult* Dunstickin's Gallery
12/23/06 9:36 AM GMT
Oh the flower lady has got the deserved recognition in this season. Wonderful news indeed. Congrats Marilyn.Ur images have delighted many and ur comments have encouraged many.
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12/23/06 2:01 PM GMT
Many congratulations, Marilyn. Your photos have always been inspired with your love of the subject. I look forward to catching up with so many photos missed. May the new year bring you much health and happiness and a continued pursuit of the joy of sharing through flowers.
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We make a living by what we get; but we make a life by what we give.
12/24/06 6:53 PM GMT
Congrats Marilyn! Your flower shots truly set an example. All the best for the holiday's season,
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12/24/06 11:16 PM GMT
Wonderful time for you, not just for a moment, if not always!!
Your work is so wonderful and beautiful, enjoy it!!
Love always
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12/25/06 3:22 PM GMT
Congrats Marilyn on a well deserved honour.Your work is an ispiration to us all.Keep sharing in the true Caedes tradition.....................Jim
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12/25/06 6:43 PM GMT
Lady Marilyn, it is a great pleasure indeed, to wish you congratulations at this time of year when friends and families are together and love is all around us. This honour that you have received is so deserved. Your beautiful flower gallery lights up this site, as the bright lights of a city do, on a dark night. So when i talk to friends or anybody else about flowers, i tell them where to go to find the most beautiful flower wallpaper on the net, Caedes.Marilynjane . Again, peace and happiness in the coming New Year, to you and your loved ones, your friend Dwight.
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12/26/06 5:25 AM GMT
Congrats Marilyn,
I knew you would get this honor sooner or later. Your flower captures have wowed me for a long time. Your works should be in National Geo or some pro magazine. My hardrive is full of them. Congradulations once again and keep those flower images coming at us.
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12/27/06 12:44 AM GMT
Marilyn !! Congratz hon ! I'm so pleased to see you get this recognition, you really deserve it. You put such heart and soul into all of your photos and it really shows. I've always liked your work & I, like Pat, have a HD chock full of your offerings. Enjoy your glory Marilyn.... you should be proud hon. ;o)
Smiling !
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12/27/06 11:01 AM GMT
Congratulations to a well deserved recognition award!
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Hey there Mister Madman, wat'cha know that I don't know Tell me some crazy stories, let me know who runs this show Glassy-eyed and laughing, he turns and walks away Tell me what made you that way
12/27/06 5:07 PM GMT
Hello Marilyn!
I give you a garden ful of flowers !
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12/27/06 8:29 PM GMT
I knew you'd be listed here in the artists' pick - you are so good at what you do. I've always admired your work. Congratulations my friend.

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12/28/06 8:59 PM GMT
Congratulations Marilyn. :o)

As mentioned above by your many supporters and fans of both your work and time spent in gracing the site with truly beautiful images and words ... you are most deserving of this recognition.

I would say that is most fitting that 'we' welcome the new year with you in the spotlight.

You exemplify all that this site should be ... and then some. :o)
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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. - Marcel Proust
12/29/06 2:08 PM GMT
Congrats do some wonderful captures! Thanks for sharing them with us, and have a happy and purposeful New Year!
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"Let us forever cherish and hold sacred these moments...for it is our undoing ...should we forget..." -William Shakespeare ... Visit Jhihmoac's Gallery
12/29/06 10:21 PM GMT
yes, verry happy new year, and concretulations with this honor.
writed with love
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...-(-0-)-... stands for the power to reach things ...-(-0-)-...
12/30/06 8:12 PM GMT
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No trees were killed in the sending of this message. However, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.
12/30/06 8:36 PM GMT
Dear Marilyn, my heartfelt congratulations to you on this most worthy are a lovely lady who has brought much beauty to us here at caedes with your wonderfully captured shots of natures' precious gift of flowers and have always presented your images with a particular dignity and touch of humor all your own...I applaud you for the consistency and creativity of your images but most of all appreciate the support and friendship you have given us...enjoy this deserved time in the spotlight...hurray for PINK and Marilyn!!!.:Pat.
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12/31/06 2:46 PM GMT
A long overdue addition to the artist spotlight. Congratulations Marilyn on your time in the spotlight. Sorry for the late response. I've been out of town and my laptop is being repaired. I enjoy your lovely floral images but I think I like your landscape images even more. Look for images in the world around you and capture them if you can. If you can't then just store them in your mind for future reference. Thanks for all those wonderful images and may you have a blessed new year. Spring will be here soon and we will resume our bee competition then.
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Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual. Edward Weston
12/31/06 7:14 PM GMT
Congratulations Marilyn! It is a much deserved reward for you. Your captures bring out the best Mother Nature has to offer, especially in all your posts of flowers! I would encourage everyone to not only visit your gallery, but your website as well. I think everyone will enjoy it as much as I did, and will see even more of your talent displayed there! Happy New Year my friend, and we all are anticipating more beautiful work from you in 2007!! Congrats again! ~ Dan
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GOD PUT ME on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind I will never die. Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes cartoonist VISIT MY GALLERY
12/31/06 9:49 PM GMT
I've always enjoyed your flowers and the kind comments you've given.I wish you even more good photo days and postings. Have a good new year and thank you for the many encouraging words you've always given me. Verena
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What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
01/01/07 2:50 PM GMT
Congratulations Marilyn. I may not photograph flowers very often but it doesnít mean that I donít enjoy them. You have one of the better flower galleries on Caedes, full of colour and vibrancy that makes it a pleasure to view. I too joined a camera club so I can relate to your comments about your photography club. It really opens your eyes to whatís possible and where you stand doesnít it? :-)

Wishing you all the very best for 2007 and many more colourful postings.
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There are three colours, Ten digits and seven notes, its what we do with them thatís important. Ruth Ross
01/01/07 9:13 PM GMT
Many many Congratulations Marilyn. You pictures are so wonderful every single one. You deserve this so much my friend. Congratulations!!
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Very very new to this, and only have a bog standard fuji 2mb digi camera.
01/02/07 1:04 AM GMT
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So wonderful that you were made spotlight artist!!! You deserve it though! Very Much Indeed!

Three Cheers to the FLOWER QUEEN, The wonderful Lady Marilyn!
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01/02/07 5:10 AM GMT
Congratulations Marilyn! I too, have been an admirer of your work since becoming a member on Caedes. Many of your images have graced my desktop, and with each one brings a burst of vibrant, rich color of beauty before my eyes. Your floral images are some of the most beautiful ones I have seen. I have also noticed that you branch out into other areas with your photography, with the same very pleasing results.

I cannot count the times that you have put a smile on my face, not only through your photographic images, but through your cheerful words and encouragement on my images as well.

Before reading your bio above, I had assumed you worked in a flower shop....I thought, how else could one person have so many different flowers available to

It's quite obvious that you are truly an inspiration to many here, including myself. And I look forward to enjoying many more works by you. All the best to you, Marilyn, and Happy New Year! :)

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Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage. ~Catherine Douzel
01/02/07 5:21 PM GMT
I am so glad to see you in limelight my flower queen! A well-deserved honor to an artist who gives us so much pleasure and delight. Your gallery is a pure pleasure to visit - there aren't many people in Caedes who are so successful in landscape -, but most of all - in flower photography and your works are truly exceptional. To mention only one of my favourites splendrous rose with glittering tears, which made my heart flutter...
Look forward to seeing more of your wonderful photos...
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If you admire nature for its creations why don't you visit the gallery of its reporter...
01/03/07 3:36 PM GMT
Now see, all of this time I had no idea that we could comment and join in on these threads, shame on me. I guess life sometimes just gets way too busy and out of control to see all the details. I appologize for not being here sooner. Of course Marilyn you know how very proud I am of you and how I have been by your side from day one.
You take the most amazing photos and I have always been envious of how absolutely clear your shots can be, especially some of your flower images. I have always wanted that camera of yours. You have been competition from day one, lol. Putting all joking aside, once you got your new camera your images were just as wonderful showing that it was purely talent that you portray here in your wonderful flower images. It was also nice to see you diversify and try new things, your scenic images and even some of the farm animals were a real joy also.
The best of luck here in Caedes in this New Year of 2007
Love and hugs,
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"A picture is worth a thousand words"
01/04/07 12:05 AM GMT
Oops...I almost didn't notice the Artist Spotlight that brings much deserved recognition to your work, Marilyn. Sometimes I forget to review the home page to see what's new. Anyway, as so many here have already noted, your work is exemplary, as is your friendly, supportive disposition here on Caedes! A big congratulations! Wen
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01/04/07 9:59 PM GMT
Congrats Marilyn for your MFP (Master in Floral Photography) !!! :-)
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01/05/07 6:11 AM GMT
Well, I just discovered (as did June..and she joined about the same time I did) that you could add comments here too..this is a new forum on me, and I apologize for not leaving a word of praise and congratulations to a very fine, outstanding photographer and an excellent friend. I just spent the last hour reviewing your gallery, Marilyn and adding them to my permanent flower gallery on my hard drive, so I was privileged to see some that you posted before I really started looking and participating. You are an amazing artist and deserve all the accolades you have garnered here. Best of luck as you move on and please don't forget us, your Caedes friends and supporters :)PJ
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"We consider the artist to be a special sort of person. It is more likely that each of us is a special sort of artist." Elsa Gidlow
01/07/07 9:18 PM GMT
Congrats MJ,

don't get here much anymore, but had to stop by and say "Keep It Up" and with the new camera, you can venture forward. Have a good one!
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May the sun bring you new energy by day. May the moon softly restore you by night. May the rain wash away your sorrows. May the breeze blow new strength into your being. May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life. (An Apache Blessing)
01/18/07 8:16 AM GMT
Hello Marilyn, I wondered how long it would take to have you spotlighted here and it finally happened. It couldn't have happened to a nicer or better photographer. Your images have always inspired me, especially while I was working on some of them. I have followed you and your progression as an artist here on Caedes and must say that you have made progress in leaps and bounds.
I'm especially happy to hear that you have joined a Photography Club. One can learn an awful lot from being an active participant in one.
The honor of being spotlighted couldnít have gone to anyone more deserving. Congratulations!!
Michael G.
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01/19/07 12:35 AM GMT
0∈ [?]
01/20/07 4:05 AM GMT
Congradulations to my flower lady. Your flower images can't be beat. Have a wonderful time enjoying your well deserved of your fans, Carolyn
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I need to catch up on things so can't comment too much. But I love all of your fine images. I might be lurking in the background :)
01/27/07 3:10 PM GMT
Always late but never better. Congrats to you Marilyn:-)
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02/05/07 1:23 PM GMT
Congrats. Your shots are so colorful and well taken
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I'm 18 and don't travel much. But I tend to bring my camera around just to catch what sticks out from my everyday goings. (pardon me if I speak my mind) *~* Gallery *~*
03/03/07 7:44 AM GMT
Hello Marilyn....Congratulations and celebrations...I feel very inspired by your work and creativeness. Your images of flowers speak volumes and leave the viewer amazed by their beauty and their depth. I like the way you approach your photography and the way you see things in the world.
You are an amazing artist with soul and beauty in all your images. Your flower gallery is wonderful, the way you express your art is something I have to learn from. Inspiring and stunning collection....Once again Marilyn many congratulations...Take care....All the best...Mick.
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