Contest "Light on White" winners

Submitted by caedes 12/11/10 7:15 AM GMT

The winners of the contest "Light on White" have been announced.


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12/11/10 3:11 PM GMT
Congratulations to all the winners. The images were quite good. I thought perhaps we'd see a fractal among the winners because they were all pretty amazing, but maybe in this next contest.
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12/11/10 8:25 PM GMT
I congratulate the winners - well done. But at the same time I question why we had 4 winter landscapes out of 5 winners and all photography as well. There is not much encouragement for other artists with results like these. This contest drew fractals, digital illustrations and manipulations and yet photography ruled again. Perhaps the contest tropic should have been more properly titled photographic Winter Landscapes.
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12/11/10 9:30 PM GMT
Congratulations to all the winners! There were alot of great entries from all genres. Perhaps the current contest theme will work more in favor for those artists other than photographers. Thanks to Les for suggesting the Light on White theme. It was a fun challenge and a learning experience.
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12/12/10 4:58 AM GMT
Congratulations to the winners, some real good work posted in the contest by everyone.
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12/12/10 9:39 PM GMT
Congrat's to the winners & a very well done by all.
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12/19/10 5:34 PM GMT
I would like to offer my congrats as well. Some very fine images and well derserving. Tigs♥ =^..^=

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