Submitted by caedes 01/17/03 12:30 AM GMT

I'm going to try to give a short rundown of the changes that have come with the new site.

  • The minimal design of the site is supposed to draw attention toward the wallpapers.
  • You can send personal messages to each other.
  • People who contribute their own work get a gallery featuring their artwork.
  • Mods have to approve uploaded image before they show up, they can also easily create different sizes of each wallpaper if they want.
  • You can subscribe to a discussion so that you are notified when it is updated.
  • Personal icons are stored on the server so everyone can have one and you'll never see any broken images.
  • You have a box that shows up below your control panel they notifies you if you get a subscription update or a personal message. It also tell the mods when something on the site needs their attention.
  • Mods can more easily change the galleries around.
  • You can view the galleries sorted by date, rating, or randomly.
  • Of course there are many other things, but I'll let find some of them. I'm also going to notify the ImageMods of their duties soon. =D


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    01/17/03 7:18 AM GMT
    I have to tell you I for 1 love what you have done.GREAT JOB!!!
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    01/17/03 3:35 PM GMT
    Truly awesome... This is the best wallpaper site out there. =)
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    - Beowulf
    01/17/03 9:55 PM GMT
    Damn nice, I never get tired of checking back here for updates :)
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    01/18/03 4:35 PM GMT
    it looks and feels a lot better this way, congradulations. by the way, does this let us stay signed in? (i need to relogin evry time i visit)
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    01/18/03 5:26 PM GMT
    It should let you stay signed in as long as your browser keeps the cookie with your session_id. It will however log you out if you send the wrong session_id or log in from a different machine and then go back to the original. Maybe I'll change that.
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    01/19/03 1:01 AM GMT
    Yeah, I just noticed that today. I was signed in, and came back to the site 2 hrs later, and I needed to sign in again. So, whatever you want.
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    01/19/03 9:10 AM GMT
    I'm trying to find fix that if possible. Could you try to reproduce the logout behavior and tell me about it? Thanks.
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    01/20/03 1:49 AM GMT
    it stopped doing it i think
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    01/23/03 3:34 PM GMT
    The sites amazing, you did a really great job.
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