Contest "Minimalism, The Art of Less" winners

Submitted by caedes 06/15/11 5:15 PM GMT

The winners of the contest "Minimalism, The Art of Less" have been announced.


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06/15/11 5:51 PM GMT
Congrats to all the placers - some very fine entries one and all!
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06/15/11 6:54 PM GMT
Congrats to the winners, it's the least I can do seeing all the effort that went into the contest. I could say more, but space is at a premium, so I'll leave some for someone else to write something, as long as they keep it short that is.
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06/15/11 9:24 PM GMT
Congrats to all of the winners and entrants! Great show all around. :)
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06/16/11 9:40 AM GMT
Good work everybody! Congrats to those that placed and thanks for the inspiration.
Take care,
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06/17/11 2:16 AM GMT
Congrats to all with those fine entries.
It was a good contest - nice to see so many entries.
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06/17/11 6:19 PM GMT
Congratulations everyone.
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