Re-organizing the galleries

Submitted by caedes 01/30/03 4:05 AM GMT

You've probably noticed that the user gallery has gotten WAY too big to keep in one gallery. So I've been thinking of various ways to re-organize the galleries (galleries and sub-galleries, etc). Any ideas?


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01/30/03 10:09 PM GMT
well have a photography user gallery, and a comp generated user gallery would be the most obvious solution to me.
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02/02/03 8:15 AM GMT
I agree with Ryanr, those are must have sub-gallerys. I'll think more about it, but for now thats what I think.
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02/02/03 2:51 PM GMT
I agree with Ryanr too. Good Idea. I suppose that the choice of the gallerie (photo or compo) should be made by the member?
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02/02/03 8:11 PM GMT
Another idea. It would be necessary to eliminate some old wallpapers, maybe. Those that all members already have seen. Your site is evolutionary.
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"Violence is the last resort of the incompetent" (I. Asimov)
02/02/03 8:26 PM GMT
It seems to me that it would be best to have sub-galleries in the user gallery with pretty much the same titles as the non-user gallery... umm... galleries. When a user uploads an image, they can select where they beleve it goes. If that becomes a problem, it could be an imagemod responsibility to verify the user selection or choose something else. "Etcetera" potentially could be broken up into (or defined for new work as) something like "Illustration" and "Non-Nature Photography", which is what appears to be there now. By the way, the site is looking fantastic. :)
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02/04/03 6:52 PM GMT
The new galleries arrived. Very well. When I upload a picture, it goes automatically in "User". Cannot I direct it toward "User - Photo" or User - General" ? Thanks
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"Violence is the last resort of the incompetent" (I. Asimov)
02/05/03 12:11 AM GMT
The 'User' gallery is kind of a temporary area for the newly uploaded images. If they are good enough they will go to the other User galleries, otherwise they are deleted.
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02/05/03 11:08 AM GMT
Why not simply by theme ? Nature, Sports, etc etc... ?

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02/06/03 5:32 PM GMT
I agree with Chatboy. This seems to be the most obvious approach.
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