New contest: "insect's view of the world / very lo

Submitted by caedes 12/03/11 1:15 AM GMT

The next contest "insect's view of the world / very low angle" is now open for entries until


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12/13/11 2:06 AM GMT
Only three more days to go...
Here are a couple of links to 'insect's view world' 1 and 'insect's view world' 2
And then there is the link to very low angle picture search results! I do this because most (if not all) entries are pictures of insects rather than pictures from an insect's viewpoint!... or from down below! :o)
Even that picture of 'Small Feet' is taken from on high rather than from down low! Simply expressing my 'sometimes warped ' view of things! :o)
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12/13/11 5:34 AM GMT
I had a quick look at the entries... most of them do seem to have gotten the idea of the contest (which surprises me, quite frankly!) I guess one thing we can all try and do is remember the theme of the contest when we are voting and try to pick the entries who have a good interpretation of the topic, and not necessarily just pick the best looking image.
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