Contest "insect's view of the world / very low ang

Submitted by caedes 12/20/11 1:15 AM GMT

The winners of the contest "insect's view of the world / very low angle" have been announced.


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12/20/11 4:56 AM GMT
Congratulations to those that got down for the contest. :o)

(/\ Couldn't resist.)
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12/21/11 2:30 AM GMT
I guess that means I'll take the high road. Congratulations to the winners.
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12/21/11 12:36 AM GMT
Thank you for placing my little green and red lizard in first place.

Not that I think you're all blind, but I think that Russ did a far better job at keeping to the theme of the contest with Honey Bee#1.

I've enjoyed his more recent posts and I hope you can spare a moment to check out these images that he's posted:

Bee Fly
Pit Stop
Honey Bee#13
Back Stabber

I hope you can see what I mean and why I'm at a loss to be put in first position when the examples above are of such high quality.

Still, as Les says "the votes are in" and we move on.

Nonetheless, congrats to all that entered the contest.

Keep posting.


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12/24/11 8:41 AM GMT
Thanks J_E_F, that's very generous of you.

Congratulations on your win.
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