Beat Testers needed

Submitted by caedes 08/21/03 9:45 PM GMT

I've managed to port the site's software to use mod_perl instead of the normal CGI interface. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about read: will make website much faster. =) I'm going to need some people to wander over to the dev site and do a little debugging for me. With a bit of luck we can have a faster website as early as this weekend. =D

PS: You probably won't actually see much of a speed increase since the is on the same server and is slowing everything down, however when the main site is upgraded it should be a big improvement.

Update: Beats... red, juicy, and delicious. Hey wait a sec...


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08/21/03 10:16 PM GMT
Yummm... I love beats! =P
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- Beowulf
08/22/03 1:14 AM GMT
sick =(
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08/22/03 1:24 AM GMT
Reminds me of a song from The Brak Show that my friends are fond of quoting:
I'm a big old beet,
I'm red but not embarassed,
and I go good with meat.
Of course I make an excellent borscht!
And I'm hot for ya babe-ay!

But in seriousness, more speed is always great. :-D
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08/22/03 1:32 AM GMT sounds like a VERY odd song... lol
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08/22/03 2:54 AM GMT
The Brak Show had lots of great songs haha

I liked the one from the first show:
I love you baby
I love the way that you walk
I love you baby
I love that way that you talk

It's not much but it was catchy...
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It's funny how the tables turn, turn, turn, turn.
08/26/03 3:26 AM GMT
OK people, we're getting way too 60s.
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