New contest: "Negative Space II"

Submitted by caedes 09/22/16 10:15 AM GMT

The next contest "Negative Space II" is now open for entries until 10/12/16 4:15 AM GMT.


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09/29/16 8:05 AM GMT
How do I add a photo to this contest?
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09/30/16 11:08 AM GMT
Ok, I see that you figured things out, Jhoy.

This is just a further f.y.i. and for anyone else that might stumble upon this discussion thread.. as the question does get asked frequently by those unfamiliar:

Copied and pasted from a recent contest topic poll discussion..

'Cutting to the chase and to answer your question..

Yes, upload first.

*Then, once approved it should appear in the drop-down menu (at the top of the "Contest Topic Poll" page beside "Enter the contest" button) for you to choose whichever image to submit as an entry to the contest.

Click the "Enter the contest" button.. and done.

*Note: You can also enter if you are on the current Contest Entries page.. same thing, choose/select an image (once approved) and then, click on the "Enter the contest" button.'
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