New Feature - Image of the Week!

Submitted by animaniactoo 03/16/19 11:28 AM GMT

We used to have an Artist of the Month feature. But a month is soooooooooo long to wait to be recognized for al your outstanding work, right?

So, we've decided to implement an Image of the Week recognition to highlight the best work being posted right now. Here's how it works:

A thread is posted in the Desktop, Wallpaper, Art, Etc. discussion forum every week for that week's eligible images.

Eligible images are anything that has been uploaded from 12:00 am (0000 hours) Monday morning to Sunday evening 11:59 pm (2359 hours) EST time for the previous week.

Nominations will be open from 12:00 am (0000 hours) Monday morning to Tuesday 8 pm (2000 hours) EST for the previous week's images.

You can either post your nomination in the thread, or send it to +mimi, or +Piner in a pm. Each member has a maximum of 2 nominations every week.

At about 10 am (1000 hours) EST time Wednesday morning, the thread will be updated to announce the selected image.

Remember to congratulate the winner before heading off to huddle with your favorite dessert, muttering dark imprecations and swearing to beat them out next week. ;)

We got a head start a few weeks ago, so head on over to the Desktop, Wallpaper, Art, Etc. forum to check out what's already been selected from previous weeks.


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