New contest: "2019 Personal Favorite"

Submitted by caedes 01/04/20 1:15 PM GMT

The next contest "2019 Personal Favorite" is now open for entries until 01/24/20 10:15 AM GMT.


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01/09/20 2:13 PM GMT
This is an interesting enough contest topic that I think it is reasonable for us to be lenient with the "no re-uploads" rule. Since this is probably not a common case, I don't think it is worth the effort to change the contest programming code, but I think we can work around the issues easily enough.

- You can re-upload an image only for the purposes of this contest.

- The newly uploaded image must be identical to the original.

- You must leave the original image in the gallery (so we know that it was indeed uploaded in 2019.

- It would be nice if you provided a link from the new image to the original image.
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01/11/20 6:01 AM GMT
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01/21/20 4:16 PM GMT
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01/22/20 5:57 AM GMT
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02/06/20 9:36 PM GMT
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