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Submitted by caedes 12/07/03 10:59 PM GMT

I've added a new gallery for the season: "Holidays". Photos of tinsel and short,fat, jolly old elves are encouraged.


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12/07/03 11:37 PM GMT
that's a great idea!
Mmmm... I think that's going to be fun... Chasing little cute elves around! lool^^
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12/08/03 12:19 AM GMT
Agree Cain. Should be fun to see what gets posted here. Cats playing in the Christmas tree comes to mind;-)
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Happy Holidays To All
12/08/03 11:45 AM GMT
A very great idea,agree with Cain and Mayne.Beautiful.
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carpe diem
12/08/03 11:51 AM GMT
Good work.. ; )
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12/08/03 12:23 AM GMT
cool, nice idea caedes!
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12/10/03 1:44 PM GMT
''holiday'' is a good idea
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12/10/03 9:50 PM GMT
Now...i know what to send my boss as a wallpaper gallery...maybe hell remember something.Holidays is a very good idea...Now i know where to search for one more thing.Thanks
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12/11/03 8:15 PM GMT
very good idea!
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12/13/03 12:22 AM GMT
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12/18/03 8:31 AM GMT
U kno wut? n[p!!
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12/26/03 3:18 AM GMT
i've put a pic up,it's a really good idea caedes!
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12/28/03 2:14 AM GMT
what happened to the love contest? did that not happen or did i miss it?
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okay that sig was messed up but its gone now so its all good
12/29/03 4:33 AM GMT
The love contest is still open untill the 6th of January I think.
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01/03/04 11:31 PM GMT
Wonders what happened to her holiday picture that never made it to the holiday gallery?
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