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10/20/09 2:42 PM GMT
1. "Pimp My Search Function"

2. Increase the number of images displayed on the front page.

Two (2) from the 'permanent' galleries.
Two (2) from the 'new images' galleries. ...

/\ These two combined should satisfy at their roots and to an extent, the discussions that have arisen, with respect to images that have not participated in the voting booth from being excluded ... disproportionately ... from appearing as 'featured' images on the front page.

And ...

One (1) image chosen by the image moderators. This towards the ends of demonstrating upfront ... an image to the membership that has the technical and creative attributes that are typically/generally ... looked for by the image moderators when rendering a decision as to whether or not to 'perm' or archive.

3. 'Form'ulize/standardize an image's accompanying narrative/descriptive area ... some.

Add in an area, with fields attached ... wherein, the members might feel more compelled/nudged ... to share the technical side of things.


i) CGI:

Program(s) used: Apophysis 7.

Or ...

Program used: Vue 7

Or ...

Program used: Terragen
Texture Model:

ii) Photography: (EXIF Data and camera related information.)

Metering Mode:

iii) Image editing software: Photoshop CS3, Photoshop Elements 7.0, Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 ... and so forth.

/\ If filled out, doing so might answer a lot of questions that viewers may have with respect to any given image.

Additionally ... may point some towards that of a considered purchase by simply viewing the popularity and/or cameras used for any given photo, software ... et al.

If no additional information is volunteered ... the accompanying narratives defaults to simply, just that ... the artist's description or narrative.
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10/20/09 2:49 PM GMT
Since 'we' are only allowed to put forth one consideration to be worked upon ... I chose number three of the ones suggested above. As that one seemed to serve a greater number of objectives in one fell swoop.

Although, either of the three above ... I do think are worthy considerations to look at, for the brief reasons listed above.
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"An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind." - Mahatma Gandhi
10/23/09 2:15 AM GMT
OK, I was told to put this in the poll as my suggestion.
When I answer messages here, I have to go through the long process of copying, clicking "respond", pasting the original message into the text area, writing my message, then cutting the original message, then sending. It's the only way I can respond to a message, especially a lengthy one, without forgetting most of what was written to me.
Another site I'm on, Tagged, has a great message system. The sender's message appears in one box, the response area is just below that. You type in your message, hit a 'send' button, and you're done. Now, on that site, clicking 'send' takes you to a confirmation page where you click 'OK', but it takes you right back to the original message when you click 'OK'. You can then delete or just go on to another message by clicking those options.
I should mention that they have a limit on the message size (I believe it's 10,000 characters), and they do limit you to a maximum of 200 messages in a 24 hour period. But it's very easy and very fast when you have several messages to do.
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10/23/09 2:34 AM GMT
I was able to select my journal image. You must remove the image you do not wish to have and then add the image you do wish to have.

What I would like to have for the journal image is the ability to have text different from the description of the image. :o)
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10/23/09 11:08 AM GMT
Oh, I didn't realize we could add our own suggestions! I put the Holidays Gallery one in... if someone places a wallpaper in their usual favourite category (e.g. Digital Illustrations) but it could be used as a holiday wallpaper (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day etc) perhaps the moderators could have the ability to tag it so that it appears in both galleries.

I believe it might act as a draw to new visitors to the site if there's a very good Holidays Gallery. :-)
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10/23/09 9:57 PM GMT
I would love to see the fix for peoples gallery pages where it lets us choose whether to have them in order of date or random etc. It just isn't working anymore. Others have mentioned that too. I'd love to be able to sort them by date so I know what I saved last. Thanx for ALL the things you accomplish, it's very much appreciated for sure.Verena
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10/24/09 4:26 AM GMT
I just realised that we put in our own poll suggestions. So I'd quite like to be able to upload several, say three or four, themed images to one page so that they work together as a mini collection. Three different views of a building for example, or four different sunsets, or four photos of doors. Even the same shot before and after a rework.
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10/27/09 12:00 AM GMT
Adding and removing an image for the Journal page is not the problem Con. I understand what you are speaking of. Some of us have more than one image in our journal. Only one image appears on your home page under journal when you may have 4 more images posted under your journal. Would be nice to be able to choose from those multiple images posted in your journal as your home page image. ( I hope that made sense).
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11/01/09 6:26 AM GMT
I dont care anymore, I'm starting to get a tad fed up with the site in general, sorry, but that's the truth, for me it's just not that much fun of late.
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No trees were killed in the sending of this message. However, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.
11/01/09 12:51 AM GMT
I realize this is a wallpaper site but I dislike having my images ripped from here and posted on other sites.. Wish there was some sort of protection here for that bad behavior.. Sorry to say I will no longer post my work on this site because of that.. I will post elsewhere on sites that afford copyright protection..take care my friends and enjoy the up-coming holidays..warm regards to all..Bill
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11/01/09 7:37 PM GMT
I understand that people don't want their images "ripped", but what I don't understand is what people expect me to do about it. You are given copyright protection as a consequence of the law in your country, not because of anything that I could do. If you have specific ideas that would help prevent ripper from redistributing your images then please suggest something specific, but just saying "better protection" is next to useless.
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11/02/09 1:08 PM GMT
I really like the changes thus far. Great to see some fresh air being applied to our wonderful site. Thank you Caedes.
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Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter. - Ansel Adams....... My Gallery
11/03/09 5:08 AM GMT
A select all button in the jobs area would make it much easier to delete multible messages!
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Just take the picture
11/03/09 11:44 AM GMT
the security thing could be achieved with some high end digital watermarking and net tracking but as I think we would struggle to get even a few members to put their money where their mouth is to buy this feature I doubt we could persuade every single one of the couple of thousand regular members to cough up $4-5 each which is what would be required to buy and run this service.
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11/04/09 4:55 AM GMT
There is no protecting web content! Even pictures posted to Webshots are ripped. Webshots is a membership required service that uses proprietary image format and requires use of their software to display down loaded images. Yet all one need do to bypass it all is press the print screen button on the key board. It is not possible to prevent rips. Only you can stop it by enforcing your copyright ( your right as the creator of the work ) whenever you find it violated. That is all there is to it. One lousy rip at a time.
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11/04/09 5:08 AM GMT
I see the item "Let us know who has favorited an imagine in our gallery." is still on the poll above though it has been implemented. (thank you)
So a suggestion - Perhaps a list on this page next to the poll that lists items completed ( wishes fulfilled ). It could be of historical value and or prevent continued votes for features that already exist.
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11/04/09 8:03 AM GMT
Sorry I wasn't talking about preventing downloads - but tracking where images are if they are reposted elsewhere - which is feasible to do. for a large fee.
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A smart bomb is only as clever as the idiot that tells it what to do
11/07/09 8:19 PM GMT
This is probably a quick fix, but the New Images gallery has the subcategories, then the subcategory symbol, but won't let you open the second layer of subcategories. Being able to see just the new surrealist abstract art would save me a lot of time in my background searches.
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11/15/09 5:07 PM GMT
The vote button is broken
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11/24/09 12:07 AM GMT
Works for me.

I fixed the gallery links (on the top left of each page) so that you can drill down arbitrarily deep (can see the sub-sub directories of the new_images gallery).
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