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30 May 1943 (80 years) 
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12/12/08 4:31 PM GMT
Thanks Carolyn for your comments on Flower Test II. I want to do another version of this cause I like it so much. Appreciate your thoughts. Bruce B.
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01/09/09 11:48 PM GMT
Thank you for my first comment!
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01/17/09 3:54 PM GMT
Thanks very much for the comment! Have a great day!
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"They say time changes things, but you really have to change them your self."
02/14/09 5:12 PM GMT
Hey Carolyn....I see you have slipped form a number 1 ranking, to a number 2bunnyslippers. LOL. You should go out and take some pictures of the nice weather in La. Happy Valentines Day.

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Where has time gone?
03/27/09 7:18 AM GMT
Hello, thanks so much for taking the time to view and comment on "Rhino - Up Close And Personal" - it is very much appreciated. Lyn.
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03/28/09 7:12 PM GMT
Heya Carolyn, thanks for taking a gander at "Stars and Stripes." Comment is much appreciated!
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03/30/09 4:52 AM GMT
Hello again! Thanks for looking at "Definitely Still in Kansas" also!
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04/27/09 1:19 AM GMT
Thanks for stopping by "Rocky Beach." I appreciate your kind words and am glad you enjoyed my post. Thanks again - Pam :)
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"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
05/02/09 8:35 AM GMT
Thanks a lot, Carolyn for your great comment. I am glad that you like my "walking place" and my photo.
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05/02/09 11:23 AM GMT
Hey Carolyn, thanks for the great comment on "Funky Flower". I don't even remember how I did the feather look on the flower, but it's one of my favorite parts of the flower.
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05/04/09 12:46 AM GMT
thank you for your comments on "rion bridge hdr".
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05/09/09 2:57 AM GMT
Thank you Carolyn for leaving a nice message on "Tulips trio",it is very much appreciated.Have a great weekend.
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05/09/09 3:31 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment of "the last star" I really thought it was not great myself but if people like that then it means my best they will love :D
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05/31/09 6:55 PM GMT
!! ** Happy Birthday ** !!


... ...

... ...

Uhm, the guests are getting a tad restless ... best bring out the cake soon ...

(*hides fork and plate behind his back ...*)


Hope you enjoyed a wonderful day, Carolyn. :o)
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"An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind." - Mahatma Gandhi
06/11/09 10:26 PM GMT
Thank You, Carolyn, for comments on the "Texas Petunia" and my gallery. Joe
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06/12/09 7:55 AM GMT
Thanks Carolyn.Just another angle on Ashgill Cumbria..R.
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06/17/09 3:58 PM GMT
Carolyn, thank you so much for you nice words on Isla Negra. Really appeciated.

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06/24/09 11:07 AM GMT
Hi, thank you so much for your comment on "Rainbow"
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06/29/09 11:26 PM GMT
Thanks for taking the time to stop and comment on "window to the skies", Carolyn - I really appreciate it -
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So many pics and so little time can mean just one thing - it must be - tee time
07/01/09 10:28 PM GMT
I'm pleased you liked "blue falls", Carolyn - thanks for the nice comment -
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So many pics and so little time can mean just one thing - it must be - tee time
07/06/09 3:43 PM GMT
Carolyn - what a cute name - bunnyslippers. Thanks 4 your comments on More Old stuff. You are right, the items on the end of the table is a meat grinder. Dust free? it dosent happen.
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07/13/09 11:27 AM GMT
Loverly comment Carolyn. Thanks for stopping by at 'Pretty Little yellow flower' Much appreciated.

Regards, John...
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"I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing." --Socrates--
07/16/09 7:05 PM GMT
Thanks for checking out my picture Dylan your comments are much appreciated.
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Thanks for taking the time to comment. All comments good and bad welcomed.
07/18/09 9:55 AM GMT
Hello Carolyn

Thank you so much for your nice comment on my Pic "Sleepless in Germany reworked"
I am glad that you liked it and hope that I was able to give you the feeling I had on that day.
So much appreciated

best regards, ferhat
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07/20/09 4:52 PM GMT
Approval and compliments from one's peers is highest praise in any endeavor, especially to those of us who are newbies in the art of photography. Thanks, Carolyn, for being a bright spot in my day. So glad you enjoyed a 'Pair of Orchids".
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07/28/09 2:47 AM GMT
Thank you so much for the comment on My nails. I have them lightly coated with acrylic so they don't turn soft when I wash dishes and shower and such.
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08/04/09 1:45 AM GMT
Thanks for the complements on "Kiss Me" Carolyn. We will keep him in the garden for now...
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08/04/09 9:07 PM GMT
thanx for your comment on " St valery Harbor" ... Fish is excelent in little restaurant ^^
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08/12/09 3:49 AM GMT
Thanks so much for your very kind words on "Twisted"
I do appreciate it!
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08/18/09 9:36 PM GMT
Hi Carolyn!
Thanks for your very lovely comment on "Starfire". I'm very glad you enjoyed it!
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Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
08/21/09 1:23 AM GMT
Thank you for your kind words on Come get me. I'm glad you liked it. More to come.
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Hatred stirs up strifes: but love covers all sin. Proverbs 10:12
08/28/09 6:09 AM GMT
Distant memories Carolyn...Biffo
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Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.
09/09/09 7:43 AM GMT
Dear carolyn
lights a go go
May i say thankyou so much for you comment! it made me so happy,i welcome your analisis and comments as i am very new to photography only taking it up last year, many thanks for your kind words
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10/11/09 12:56 AM GMT
Thank you for the comment on "Green Fractal"! :)
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My name is Emmy and I'm from Sweden. I'm 12 years old, and I'm not very good at english. :) My cats name are Snuffsan and Lina. My username is a crossing of the two catnames. :)
10/12/09 3:17 PM GMT
Many thanks dear Carolyn for the comments on Meow...
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( This message is posted from Gods Own Country,Kerala,India )
10/13/09 6:17 AM GMT
Thanks, Carolyn, for your kind words on Leaves.
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Which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?
10/14/09 9:13 PM GMT
Hello Carolyn, thanks for your comments on "Warming Mist".
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10/19/09 5:06 PM GMT
Hi Carolyn, and thank you for the kind comment you posted on my Little Egret - I'm pleased you liked it :-)
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10/28/09 2:10 PM GMT
Thank You dear Carolyn for the comments on "Smelling Mice?";

Ran around the courtyard behind her, to get the capture.. :)
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( This message is posted from Gods Own Country,Kerala,India )
11/21/09 7:28 AM GMT
thanks a bunch for those awesome comments =D
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11/21/09 3:36 PM GMT
Many thanks dear Carolyn for the comments on "Birds around vellayani Lake";
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( This message is posted from Gods Own Country,Kerala,India )
11/22/09 2:12 AM GMT
Heya! Thanks for your comment on my pic Obelisk and Church. It was definitely appreciated. That glow on the buildings, that was all the sun. I was just lucky enough to be in the position to catch it.
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12/26/09 7:14 AM GMT
Thanks very much for your comment on my first picture! Happy Holidays to you!
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01/22/10 9:33 PM GMT
Thanks so much for your comments on "PoP" Carolyn. I hope to have more up very soon :)
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01/23/10 10:13 AM GMT
Thank you for the comment Carolyn
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01/30/10 10:26 PM GMT
Thank you so much for your comment on Into The Light, I'm so glad you like it! :)
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"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." ~Dr. Suess
03/19/10 3:50 AM GMT
Thankyou Bunny for your wonderful comment. I enjoy walking in my Desert taking photos of the various life forms here. More to be presented to be sure.
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