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Frog Log - Full House by Cosens, Photography->Reptiles/amphibians gallery Yacht Harbour - Tobermory Canada by Cosens, Photography->Boats gallery Shield Country by Cosens, Photography->Shorelines gallery
Frog Log - Full House Yacht Harbour - Tobermory Canada Shield Country


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11/12/06 8:38 PM GMT
Hey! Welcome to caedes from another newb! Great start to your gallery. Hope you enjoy it here! I know I do. ^_^
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12/09/06 3:07 PM GMT
Thanks for ur comment on "Part of nature"
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03/25/07 8:37 PM GMT
Thanks for the comments on "Tree in the Mist".I appreciate it..
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03/31/07 10:23 AM GMT
hey, thanks you form your words on Red Bird Flower, im glad you like the colours i was lucky to have spotted it on such a nice day.
Peace Cory
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good things come to those at late
04/03/07 10:55 PM GMT
hey thank you for the comment on rock wall.
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All of my photography is untouched. What you see in my photos is what my camera sees. I hope you all enjoy.
04/05/07 2:38 AM GMT
Thank you so much for the comment you left on "old red belly with seed" I never thought it would get such a high c-index, I even sold that one on my website, I noticed a few Caedes folks have clicked on my site and added photos to their shopping cart, but no buyers from here yet, but that is o.k. I just want to let you guys know you can sell your work there. Have a great day...Gregg. Also, I use the c-index as a tool, if it is very high like this one, I put it on my website, and bingo! it sold.
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Feel free to visit my website where you can sell your photos too..My Photos
05/17/07 9:37 PM GMT
Range Race on Port Phillip: Many thanks for the comment.

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"What other reason could there be to get up in the morning except to set ourselves free." If my comment on your work ever seems to criticise, it does not. It is always so that we may learn together.
08/05/07 5:59 PM GMT

I am far behind with my written appreciation for marvelous attention given my photos. Sorry I missed you when you popped by. Your generous lines on my "spring trio" gave me so much pleasure. I am glad to hear you found it so appealing. Stay tuned.

Greetings from Ewa
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Are you ready to explore nature? Come on! It is thriving with colors and painted with light...
10/09/07 8:36 PM GMT
Hi C,
Thanks for your nice words on "Apple, Oh Apple", they are greatly appreciated,
Glad you enjoyed it,

Thanks for stopping by
Kind regards
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"Everything fails, as long as you define enough requirements for success" (~8 8~)
10/11/07 7:37 AM GMT
Hi, thank you for taking the time to comment on "The Eifeltower". Your kind words are greatly appreciated!

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* Gabrielle *
10/11/07 9:24 PM GMT
Thanks for visiting Detroit Princess and for the comments, I appreciate it. I will upload the colour version later.
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10/14/07 4:39 PM GMT
“Eat It”
Thank you for you encouragement.
Wasn’t sure about what kind of response it would bring.
Maybe it was the crappy cropping job, gosh I don’t know.
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"Happiness is a state that requires some effort once in a while."
10/16/07 10:14 PM GMT
Thank you for your comment on "footprint". Enjoyed your"laughing gulls".
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10/18/07 12:31 AM GMT
Kia ora !
Thanks so much for your kind comment on my Gull picture. Glad you liked it :)
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The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Marcel Proust
10/18/07 10:39 PM GMT
Thanks for visiting "Blowing in the Breeze" and for the comments. Glad you liked it. :)
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10/19/07 2:51 AM GMT
Hello, Thank You for your interest in "Sparkling Attire" and your kind comment.
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Just an old "Grampa" who still has a Kodak "Box" camera kicking around the attic ... learning and enjoying the wonders of modern digital photography.
10/19/07 3:10 AM GMT
Hi there,
thanks for stopping by ~rare find~. I think this island was 7 miles long and 3 miles wide. that allegedly made this freshwater lake rare. Of course, they could have been blowing smoke, who knows? Anyway, glad you shared a piece of my trip with me. ;=)
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10/23/07 8:23 PM GMT
Thanks a lot for your nice words about Stranded.
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I would be happy, seeing you in my galerie. Today I've posted Stranded
10/24/07 8:41 AM GMT
'Cosens', thanks a lot for your supportive comment on my 'Never Ending Song' image. I appreciate this very much. Regards, Cornelius
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Cornelius was here! (lol) Click HERE to see his work!

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