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02/21/06 2:37 PM GMT
Hello Kris, and most welcome my dear....Much obliged for your kind words to 'Ethereal'
The picture is real.. only a little extra addition from 'Dreamsuite' to give it this 'boost'
thank you.....Bob
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02/23/06 9:20 PM GMT
Hey Kris!

Thanks for dropping by Her Last Hike...glad you liked it :D Also...welcome to Caedes :D
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02/24/06 7:53 AM GMT
Hey Kris , thx for the comment on multi colored rose , much appreciated.
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"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." my images
02/27/06 3:17 AM GMT
Hi Kris,
Thanks for looking at my llama shot, and thanks for the comments and input. I see what you mean about the background detracting from the llama shot, which is really the main focus of the shot. Just learning here and I appreciate the advice! Thanks again, Carol
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02/28/06 1:57 AM GMT
Hi Kris! Welcome to! Thanks for the cool comment on "Psychotron 420". =0)
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02/28/06 4:31 AM GMT
Hey Kris, Thanks for the comment on "Another Storm Passing" My real reward is to be able to share my photos with everybody here on Caedes.
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Focus on the Light of the world
02/28/06 10:04 AM GMT
Thanks very much Kris for comments on 'pictures for sale'.
Much appreciated
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02/28/06 3:40 PM GMT
Hello Kris, thank you for your kind words, I am glad you liked 'Snowdrops' and appreciate your comment!
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Those who race through life, finish first...
03/02/06 6:49 PM GMT
Thanks for your comments on my pic. It was a shock to see them. They are very rare this far north since they are usually found only in Mexico and the southernmost tip of the U.S. They came every morning for about 3 weeks and stayed for 30 minutes or so. I took a lot of pictures of them. They swam like regular ducks but also perched on tree limbs and fence rails. Since they were from Mexico we named them Jose and Hose B. --- Irv
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03/03/06 2:53 AM GMT
Hello, I was tickled by what your wrote about "Afternoon Waddle"...thanks so much! Dianna
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03/03/06 4:28 AM GMT
I'm very new to this site....
for all who have posted a thank you note: Thank you for your photos and art and for taking the time to leave a note (about my note)! I strive to be sincere and honest and to really find something unique in each photo.
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03/03/06 6:23 PM GMT
Kris, glad you finally woke up and took a look at Dream Like State . LOL...I'm glad you liked it.
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03/03/06 6:44 PM GMT
Hi Kris! Thanks bunches for the really great comment you left for 'Sweet Indulgence', I really appreciate that and the suggestion! Someone else had pointed that! I have since adjusted my monitor and hopefully will be more careful next time!
Thanks again!
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In this is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins. 1 John 4:10
03/03/06 6:52 PM GMT
Thanks for your comments on whitsand bay.
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Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid.
03/03/06 7:59 PM GMT
Hi Kris, and thanks for you very kind words on "Waterworlds" - I do appreciate them :-)
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03/03/06 11:29 PM GMT
Kia Ora Kris, I appreciate your comments about English Rose. I am a 'newbie' here as well and it is such a boost to receive comments (and criticism) Each time i upload one I get the collywobbles. Everyone is so kind :)
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03/03/06 11:40 PM GMT
Kris, thanks for those wonderful comments on Half Moon Bay. I really appreciate it. In fact you gave so much meaning to this pic. thanks once again!
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-Budding Photographer
03/03/06 11:41 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment on "Red Faction". If you look at the ones that came after (green and gold) you might see what I meant by refinement, they are just a bit sharper round the edges. BTW I did intend to extend that line you mentioned all the way to the edge of the frame, I felt it sort of tied the two elements together. Thanks for the feedbakc!
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
03/04/06 12:26 AM GMT
Hi Kris

You may find this a better copy of St Mary de Lode

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03/04/06 1:21 AM GMT
Chris glad you liked Piano B'ars ...and I take on board what I can now see is obvious ...yes it is too dark ...but I dont mind and I'mpleased to get any helpful criticism.
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03/04/06 1:24 AM GMT
Me again ,yes It was a great day out on the high seas and I'm glad I took the chance with this we were bobbing about a bit at the time. Thanks for your kind words.
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03/04/06 1:41 AM GMT
Hey Kris, you like this one too?....well that is something! Incidentally the rear hooves are shown if you change too 800x600.......but yes I was the only one who thought it was worthy of pic. that day........Glad I did.
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03/04/06 2:24 PM GMT
helo Kris, thanks for your kind comment on looking north-east. unfortunately, sometimes you have to make a choice: either an even horizon or straight buildings:)
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03/04/06 4:12 PM GMT
thanks for liking this one, kris. i appreciate that you took the time to let me know. i didn't know how pretty it was until i looked at the picture.
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03/04/06 4:37 PM GMT
Just using this space to practice using bold, italic and underline.

I used Keifer's instructions to learn how to link.

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03/04/06 4:37 PM GMT
Thank you very much for viewing my mug and leaving such an interesting comment LOL
Regards from Marzena.
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
03/04/06 7:36 PM GMT
Hi Kris - glad you like my 'clouds over the alps'. Its one of my favourite colours (light blue green) - (that doesnt make me a woss, does it? lol). Anaways thanks alot for making the comments.
Its much appreciated.
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Your ever so clever but if your not clever you will never get into heaven again
03/04/06 7:48 PM GMT
Hi Kris: thanks for your nice comment on Chihuly Seaforms. Glad you enjoyed it. Cheers!
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03/04/06 7:50 PM GMT
Thank you so very much for your kind comments regarding my photo The Alley. They are very much appreciated.
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03/04/06 7:57 PM GMT
ありがとう Kris for your gracious comments on Japanese Maple . I truly appreciate it!!
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03/04/06 8:22 PM GMT
thanks for your comments on Reflection, really glad you liked :)
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03/04/06 9:36 PM GMT
Hey Kris , thx for the comment on elegant , always appreciated.
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"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." my images
03/04/06 9:50 PM GMT
Thanx for your comment on "only in my dreams". To tell you the truth the could be a really cool set design for a new RPG. Thanx for the comments!
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Carpe Diem and take those photos!
03/05/06 12:11 AM GMT
Kris, thank you for the very nice comment you left on "Design 4." So glad you enjoyed it. Have a great day, my friend.
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03/05/06 3:03 PM GMT
Kris, thank you for your kind opening comment on "Tree Spill", it is much appreciated.
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03/05/06 7:27 PM GMT
Hi Kris,
Thanks for the nice comments about "Gates Pass Sunset." For more orange try my "Grand Canyon Sunset" and "Ocotillo Sunset." Thanks,
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03/06/06 4:50 AM GMT
Hi Kris
Thanks for your nice comments on "Sea Plants". I was surprised to at how clear the picture was considering it was taken through glass!
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03/06/06 3:42 PM GMT
Hello Kris! Thanks for the nice comment on "Snow White" I really apreciate you taking the time to stop by! Hope you come around again!

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"You've never seen it!!! You've never seen it miss this house, miss that house, and come after you! - Joe from "Twister"
03/06/06 4:42 PM GMT
Hi! Thank you so much for your input with Silenced Rage. I'm going to fiddle around with this photo more when i get a chance to, I will deffinatley put your suggestions into play.

Thank you : )
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Homophbia is not a family value.
03/06/06 5:58 PM GMT
Kris, Thanks for viewing and providing encouraging comments on "admiral's arch". Everyone who visits this magnificent area leaves with a look of awe on their face. Glad you enjoyed "in the absence of a lily pad" and "ethereal rainforest v2" Your comments have made my day. Les
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some pictures say a thousand words... others speak silently to the soul
03/06/06 6:07 PM GMT
Kris, thank you for taking the time to check out ~Happy Chimp~ & ~Sorrow~, your comments and insights are much appreciated!

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Magic is everywhere...
03/06/06 9:57 PM GMT
So happy you stopped by to check out February Autumn - Feelin' the fine line . Thanks a million Kris!!
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03/06/06 11:36 PM GMT
Hello Kris, thanks for your comments on Frosty Morn! I'll do my best to see if I can fix it a little better but can't guarantee it. lol I'm still a bit of a rookie at that, but I'm going to give it a go. Hope you like it as well the second time around. Thanks again!
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Let us endeavor so to live, that when we come to die, even the undertaker will be sorry- -Mark Twain
03/07/06 2:57 AM GMT
Kris, Glad you like "mirror image". I'm wondering if you've seen the sequel "mirror image enhanced". I think a little manipulation improved the picture. Les
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some pictures say a thousand words... others speak silently to the soul
03/07/06 3:18 AM GMT
Kris, thanks so much for your kind comments at "Among Pines" and "Where Spirit Worship Waters." the great thing about this site is that it's nice to have others along to enjoy the scenes you have....glad you found something you liked...and it gives me motivation to keep some of my seemingly less appreciated shots posted...thanks Paul
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03/07/06 8:42 PM GMT
Kris, I feel honored to have my image "uluru sunrise" in your favorites file. Les
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some pictures say a thousand words... others speak silently to the soul
03/07/06 10:22 PM GMT
Thanks Kris for stopping by my gallery and commenting on the Lunch Time. I have about 900 butterfly pictures in my photo collection so theirs a good chance you see more.

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03/08/06 8:46 PM GMT
Thank you so very much for your kind words and tips on my work and specifically "woodpile" ...m.a.
-GR should upload some of your own work, you sound like the type of photographer that's really professional
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03/08/06 9:40 PM GMT
It tickles me that you ask this question Grace... I knew someone would eventually wonder.
The reason I haven't posted anything is because I decided that I only have enough time to either look & comment or submit work. I decided to look and comment!
I feel very privileged to even have a place like Caedes to just sit and enjoy art and I love being able to comment and think out loud about the work I see. I think about all the hard work that goes into each new picture and I wish I could comment on every one of them. It's sort of my way of earning my right to enjoy the photos and put them on my desktop.
Sometime I may post something but for now I love talking about the work I see!
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03/08/06 10:23 PM GMT
Hi Kris,
Thanks for your nice comments about Old Power, New Power.
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03/12/06 4:52 PM GMT
Hello again, and thanks for stopping by "Waterproof" and leaving such a nice comment. Your remark above strikes a chord too - I used to contribute and comment here, but time constraints meant I had to choose one or the other. I went the other way from you and kept uploading pictures, with rare comments when I could look at some images. Maybe when you get time to post some of your work I'll get time to comment ;-)
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03/12/06 11:37 PM GMT
Ha! Kris, you put a lot more thought into "Psi" than I did. Thanks for you comment; I like it.
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Qui habet aures audiendi, audiat.
04/02/06 6:54 AM GMT
Thank you Kris for your kind comments on “Fish Bait". I'm pleased you like it.
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06/15/07 7:31 AM GMT
Many thanks, Kris, for your nice comments on "Ruffled Feathers". Glad to know you liked it.
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If practice makes perfect and nobody is perfect, then why practice?
06/20/07 6:30 PM GMT
Thanks a lot for that wonderful comment about Sunny Stairs. It made me so proud!
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I would be happy, seeing you in my galerie. Today I've posted A star is borne.
06/21/07 9:18 AM GMT
Hi Kris. Thanks for your visit at my 'The Pedrera - Painted ceilings'. It was a wonderful trip in Barcelona :-)
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06/22/07 8:31 PM GMT
Thanks for your nice comments on 'Japanese Gardens.'
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07/07/07 6:05 PM GMT
Thank you for viewing my image and leaving a comment.
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07/07/07 7:16 PM GMT
Hello, glad you liked Strawberry and Lime! Very nice comment - thanks for popping by.
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01/08/08 5:11 AM GMT
Thank you very much for your comments on 'As one' I'm glad that you like it.
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02/21/08 5:53 AM GMT
Hello Kris, thanks for your nice comment you wrote to a image i shot from a fountain.
I was on holliday on a one day trip to Bratislava in the Slovak Republic, and it was a very hot day, so this was refreshing indeed :-) Thanks for stopping by.
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03/02/08 6:25 AM GMT
Thanks Kris for nice words on His Master's Voice. Much appreciated. I'm glad you liked it. Have a nice weekend.

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I'll meet you at the edge of the sunlight, just behind the shadows. The Ghost
03/03/08 9:19 PM GMT
Hello Kris, thank you for your amazingly long and kind comment on "Toxicity"
I appreciate it so, so much!
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“For a long time it puzzled me how something so expensive, so leading edge, could be so useless, and then it occurred to me that a computer is a stupid machine with the ability to do incredibly smart things, while computer programmers are smart people with the ability to do incredibly stupid things. They are, in short, a perfect match.”
03/04/08 12:06 AM GMT
Hello Kris, thanks for such good words on my work and I really appreciate that you took the time to say them. I will pop into your gallery and have a look now. Regards. Have a good week. Tommy.
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what a difference a day makes
03/08/08 6:01 PM GMT
Hello Kris! I've gotten way behind in my comments so please forgive this generic message. I'd like to thank you for your recent comments on images in my gallery.
Thanks again,
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Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual. Edward Weston
03/10/08 9:36 PM GMT
Allo Chris thanx 4 the 2 beaks up on "Visitors"
I took the photo some time back when bold sunshine came to Bristol after a long absence !! usually we have cloudy skies.
Regards Phil
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I just hate dirty cutlery !! A mistreated dog should try to leave a deposit on their masters best carpet, after all it's important to establish who's boss ... My gallery is here.
03/11/08 4:01 PM GMT
Hello Kris...Many thanks for taking the time to view (OH LONESOME TREE)and for you very kind comments,they are very much appreciated...To capture this one I had to wade through gorse and brambles got badly scratched by the thorns....All the best....Mick.
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03/11/08 10:05 PM GMT
Hello Kris hope your day is going good for you I wanted to thank you oh so much for coming in and giving me your comments on feathered peacock pens. Have a nice day and god bless you
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Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. - Matthew 7:7-8
03/11/08 11:33 PM GMT
Thanks for visting "Pelican Pier".
Yes I thought about taking out the pole but then I wouldn't have had the lead in to the next Pelican Pier post.
Be Sure to catch PART II.

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03/12/08 2:37 AM GMT
Hi Kris and thank you so much for taking the time to comment on "Country Sunrise". I'm so glad to have shared it with you. Eileen
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May your walls know joy,May every room hold laughter,and every window open to great possibility: Maryanne Radmacher-Hershey
03/12/08 10:30 PM GMT
Hi Kris. Glad you enjoyed my shot of Parque Eduardo VII. I also think it's a beautiful image so decided to share it with all.
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Life is like a Rose full of thorns, some more painful than others. Yet, there is nothing more beautiful than a Rose in Bloom.My Works
03/14/08 11:51 PM GMT
Many thank´s for the very kind comment on "Decisions, Decisions....:-)", very much appreciated!
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07/20/08 6:10 AM GMT
Kris, thank you for the comments on my pics Lonely Sunset and Baton Rouge Levee Bench. It was nice to hear a comment describing the exact things I liked about those shots.

Thanks Again,
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07/11/09 7:20 PM GMT
thanks for your awfully wonderful comment on "Berries"! I also originally made this to be my own DT, so it's a pleasure to know that someone else liked it! :)
0∈ [?]
08/29/09 10:03 PM GMT
thanks for the comment you left for whitsand bay :) (sorry this took so long)
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Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid.
03/11/10 8:54 PM GMT
Hi Christina,
Thank you for the comment on Hall of Pillars, I will see if I can post some more of Karnak for you.
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09/18/11 4:58 AM GMT
Thanks Christina for your comments on "Same Pool". Glad you enjoyed the view and the scene. Have a great day. ~Wendell
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The difference between a bad artist and a good one is: the bad artist seems to copy a great deal; the good one really does. ~William Blake

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