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02/05/06 2:39 AM GMT01/26/07 2:37 AM GMT 


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02/07/06 1:43 PM GMT
Jekyll Island Sunrise was the reason I didn't stay home and go to work on that Monday morning. We drove to the coast for a day trip one Sunday morning and decided to spend the night. I'm glad we did. We had a good time and any day taking photos instead of working is a good day. Thanks Duffy for the nice comments.
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View the world with your mind's eye. Mr. Russ
03/17/06 3:53 AM GMT

Thanks for stopping and checking out my "Royal Clipper." I appreciate your comments and support. You'll have to let me know how he enjoyed sailing on this ship.

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03/27/06 5:37 AM GMT
Hey Duffy,

Thanks for the comments on 'Mountain Cabin,' much appreciated.
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Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer - and often the supreme disappointment. -Ansel Adams,......... My Gallery
03/27/06 10:16 AM GMT
Thanks for visiting my picture " days end 2"...glad you like it.
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03/27/06 12:00 AM GMT
Thanks for the comments and checking out my pics!
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04/02/06 2:21 PM GMT
Thank you Cindy for your comments on 'Le Mont Saint Michel', glad you liked it.
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04/05/06 9:11 AM GMT
Hello Cindy! Thanks for taking the time to view and comment on my Sniffing for a Doe image. I'm glad that you found it enjoyable.
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View the world with your mind's eye. Mr. Russ
04/06/06 10:44 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on The Twirl. It was only after I posted it that I noticed the rainbow effect in the middle.
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'Study the past, if you would divine the future.' - Confucius
04/11/06 7:40 AM GMT
Hey Cindy,
Thanks for your kind words regarding Tie-Dye Sky. I appreciate your effort and I'm glad you liked it.
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04/12/06 6:21 PM GMT
Thank you Cindy for the comment on "Piercing Qualities":-)
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04/23/06 1:21 AM GMT
Thank you for stopping by and commenting on "Infinity"! I really appreciate it!
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05/12/06 3:26 PM GMT
Thank you for commenting on my photo Nature's Paintbrush. It is very much appreciated. May your day be one of unexpected joy.
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06/14/06 9:43 PM GMT
Thanks for stopping by "Long May She Wave" -

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07/05/06 4:13 AM GMT
Thanks, Cindy, for your kind note on Sitting Still. They'll never be forgotten. - Patty
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