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Spherelicious by frozenflame, Abstract->Fractal gallery Spheriously by frozenflame, Abstract->Fractal gallery Reach for the Sky by frozenflame, Abstract->Fractal gallery
Spherelicious Spheriously Reach for the Sky


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12/06/06 4:48 AM GMT
Hey Shawn I appreciate the comment on "positive contact 2" and welcome to Caedes ;]
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12/06/06 4:32 PM GMT
Thanks for looking at my Amber Waves... Interesting perspective, now that I think about it it does look like wheat being woven... Cool! :)
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12/08/06 10:22 AM GMT
Hi shawn,Cheers for your comments on amber.
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12/15/06 3:36 PM GMT
Hello again shawn,Thanks for your comments on trinkets,Much appreciated
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12/17/06 7:18 AM GMT
That would probably be an excellent title for that picture. I'm glad I helped! =)
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"Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused." -Anonymous
12/17/06 7:31 AM GMT
Thanks for your comments on all my work! Lately I've only had time to upload new images, and not spend time critiquing others. Sorry for the delay, but it's good to see someone who likes my flames, even if I don't think they're all that great myself. :D
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There is nothing right on the left side of my brain. There is nothing left on the right side of my brain.
12/17/06 6:01 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment on 'bar table', glad you had time. And no, there's no significance to the text, it was created at the time that the whole image wasn't even in mine or Janne's mind as a whole :)
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12/17/06 8:18 PM GMT
Thank you for adding me as a friend - I'm honoured.

- cfr
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12/18/06 6:18 AM GMT
Hi Shawn, good to get your veiws on "Lord of Darkness", Call Again.
Happy Christmas and New Year.

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Be true to yourself.
12/11/07 1:24 AM GMT
Hey Shawn,

You are most welcome for the information and I thank you from both Keith and me for stopping by "Star".

I was pleased with the end results and your kind appraisal. As they say ... that was the proverbial icing on the b-day cake.

Thanks very much.

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"Sometimes me think what is love, and then me think love is what last cookie is for. Me give up the last cookie for you." - Cookie Monster
12/13/07 11:13 PM GMT
Thanks Shawn, for your nice comments on Light Snow.I appreciate it.
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12/14/07 2:07 AM GMT
Hey Shawn..Appreciate you commenting on my work Glad you enjoy it...=D
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Live simply. Speak kindly. Care deeply. Love generously.
12/14/07 10:16 AM GMT
Your welcome!
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10/04/08 1:12 AM GMT
you have the most beautiful gallery i haved ever seen :)
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10/07/08 12:03 AM GMT
Hey Shawn,
Thanks for the comment on "Walker Lake (RW)"
Much appreciate it
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Feel Free To Check Out My Gallery
10/11/08 9:13 PM GMT
Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire sur mon paysage virtuel. Ca me fait vraiment plaisir. Quant Ó votre franšais il est parfait.
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10/13/08 1:09 AM GMT
thank you for the comment on Abstraction 2.0. This is actually one of the reasons im doing a series of similar artworks, so that I can find what to improve upon and then people will have past works to compare them to and help me improve more :).
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Into the darkness we fall
10/14/08 1:41 AM GMT
you are most welcome shawn! :)
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10/14/08 7:54 PM GMT
Hi Shawn, Many thanks for the visit to Twisted and for the kind words. I`m very glad you liked it.

Ian :)
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Save the Cheerleader......Save the World! Ians gallery
10/19/08 9:36 PM GMT
Hi Shawn
Thank you for your comment on" Watery Rose" It's always welcome, please come again:)
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