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Buffalo, NY 
1990 (31 years) 
03/18/07 3:19 AM GMT03/12/16 2:59 AM GMT 

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ETZ: Extraterrestrial Zygote by kriegsmachine, computer->3d gallery Limit of Spacetime by kriegsmachine, computer->3d gallery Lucid by kriegsmachine, computer->3d gallery
ETZ: Extraterrestrial Zygote Limit of Spacetime Lucid


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03/20/07 2:36 AM GMT
Welcome to Caedes!

You will enjoy yourself here alot I think. There are alot of good pictures here, and alot of good artist. Of course then you have your kooks and crazies and people who wouldn't know which end of a camera to point at anything, but there's that danger anywhere else on the web too. It's a fun place to be. Keep up the good work!

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Creation sings His majesty. You cannot see a sunrise, and doubt His existence. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~Christian Of Caedes~~
06/29/07 3:03 PM GMT
I LOVE the crystal-like quality to the images you've posted. Add more! Add more! (Please?)

(I registered just to post to you. Luff!)
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07/30/07 1:35 AM GMT
I like the artwork you've posted in your gallery. One more thing - Go Patriots
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"I didn't know this game we were playing even had a set of rules."
10/11/07 5:49 PM GMT
welcome to caedes, saw a work from yu on the new images gallery and took a look on your gallery_how nice works you have!!
hope see more of them soon :D
enjoy your stay :))
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"The snow and the storms may kill the flowers, but they can do nothing against the seeds." (Khalil Gibran)
07/31/08 7:56 PM GMT
i like your pics
you should comment more
and vist more :)
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06/20/09 12:30 AM GMT
Thank you very much, Mike, for your comment on nature's red white n blue- much appreciated! :)
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whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger... until otherwise proven.
07/15/09 7:57 AM GMT
thank you so much for your complementary comment on Flawed... :)
always appreciated!
Sky Girl
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The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible- and achieve it.
12/21/09 9:33 PM GMT
Thank you for commenting on(FROZEN BLOOD).
I used realflow and 3ds max for the modeling and Vray
for rendering.
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Maybe,We Are Some CG Characters Animating With The Great Animator!

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