Contest #16: Breaking the Rules

This was a very difficult contest both for the photographers and for the judges. Entries were required to break the generally accepted rules of photography in such a way as to actually increase the effectivness of the photos.

The five winners will each recieve a 3 month Caedes Cadre membership as well as the honorary titles "Omnipotent Weilder of the Gilded Shutter (OWotGS)." Runners up receive a one month Cadre membership and a congratulatory pat on the back. Great job for all the photos which were entered!

Most Dramatic
Out of Place by Jeffo

philcUK comments: "... despite its many photographic faux pas especially the scorched out exposre it still works really well as a still life study."
Regmar: "One of the things I like a lot about this image is the way the contrast is set with dark outlining of the edges of the compositional elements. The door, the door frame, the plants are all overexposed ... like a charcoal sketch."

Most Conventionally Appealing
Looking over the fence by trisweb

larengary comments: "the foreground may be blurred, but all it does to my eye is to bring the flowers into focus even more. And the blue background emphasizes that bright yellow color even more."

Most Whimsical
Giraffe by anderbre

dreamer100 comments: " It's the only way you could get the texture, pattern and folds in the shot well enough to study! It breaks just about every rule there is but the interest level remains so high that it works beautifully as an image."

Best Abstract
Panes of Rain by Eventualyeti

Samatar: "... you have done exactly what people should be in this contest; the scene is actually made more interesting because you broke the rules. If you had focussed on the scene outside the window, it would have been pretty mundane; maybe even a snapshot. But by focussing on the window frame and leaves, you have made the scene outside pleasanty blurred, and we get the feeling of intimacy, almost as if we ourselves are sheltering inside and observing the wet conditions outside with you."

Dodgy Doggy by Samatar

While this is a very simple macro photo, the type of blur (probably from the dog's movement duing the shot) gives the photo a dynamic aspect that increases interest in the subject. The movement calls attention to the rich color by de-emphasizing the individual hairs: bringing them together in a single wave almost like a field of wheat bending in the wind.

Honorable Mention
Conflicting Lines by kjh000
Taking of by Sengir
Me, Myself, and I by mesmerized
Key chain by postaldude66
Chess Cheating by MiLo_Anderson