Contest #18: Dreams

The four top artists in the contest earn the title "Honorable Knight of the Digital Arts" (HKotDA) and a 3-month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

First Place
Sweet Dreams with the Lion King by ladyprariefire

colorcolor comments, " This is a wonderful manipulation. Clean and sharp. The placement of the child with the lion is perfect -looks very natural. Makes me want to cuddle up too. Goodnight."

Second Place
Conscious Bliss by _whitewidow_

frenger comments, " This is just so great!! Really. The atmosphere is the one I' have desperately tried to catch in many of my works. thos colours, detail and all are so great. It's also really well balanced.. this time, I mean that there are no dead spots. There's so much to look at but the image still isn't too crowded at all. It's kinda gleaming or something and it really takes a lot time to get bored with this."

Third Place
Come...(Into My Dream) by BlitheOwl

1bunnyslippers comments, " A most interesting and pleasing dream. The glow around the birds gives a magical mood - and the lovely lady adds the human appeal and abit more magic with her vivid blue eyes. The butterscotch coloring is superb. Very appealing dream..."

Ghosts of Crom by jswgpb

Hotrockin comments, " Zowwy!! Another wicked and wild creation John!! Stunning flow and cool color movements throughout!! "

Honorable Mention
These worthy competitors earn a one month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

Ghul Jinn by philcUK
Keanu Dreams by heidlerr
An Early Summer Night's Dread by Zyrogerg
Welcome To Dreamland by oksyl
Beginning by Trixiespicexchange