Contest #20: Curves

curves within curves............ by fogz

solita17 writes, "Open up the dictionary to the word 'curve' and you'll find this picture ... great eye, well done."
alexis518 writes, "Fabulous seawall, Im so glad you left in the people so I could get a sense of the scale. Top notch contest entry. "
Hottrockin writes, "Sensational design perfect for the curves competition!! Sweet light and tantalizing textures really treat!!"

Computer Graphics
Curves by nmsmith

cynlee: I don't know how you do this, but I marvel at the results. This is wonderful in the pale creamy tones with the blue stone and gold filigree.
Ragnhilde: I've been enjoying your art for a long time. This one prompted me to register just to leave a message. Beautiful.
alexis518: Very elegant curves, Nathan. And your pen work is beautifully detailed. Whether or not you win the contest, this is a winner for me. Right into my faves with thanks.

Descending Staircase by Zyrogerg

Papi11on: You've achieved a great sense of depth and perspective and the duo tones work very effectively.
alexis518: You're perspective and cropping really heighten the curves. Quite a bit like M.C. Escher in some areas. Great photo, great contest entry!
Jay_Underwood: Great time of day for the shot, and the artistic approach is what makes this a winner.

Rosy Curves by jesouris

Jay_Underwood: That's pretty curveariffic! Beautiful blending and rotating to match the curves seamlessly.
zengrabit: love it! made it to my desktop this morning straight up!
alexis518: Wonderful!! Love the repetitive imagery.

Honorable Mention
The tube by nd4spdbh
Bory Castle - Part 4 by Toto_san
Curvaceous by Hottrockin
Curves of Commonalty by 100k_xle