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Oops! How to resize verticals

04/13/06 9:17 PM GMT
ok......if I have a photo that is vertical what happens when I rotate the photo to horizontal-this alters the pixell sequence i change sequence of numbers to enter to change canvass size in width and height ??? ordinarily the larger number is for width; Hope this is clear enough...
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04/13/06 10:43 PM GMT
First off ... do not rotate the image

Please tell us the exact dimensions of your image and we can walk you through it (specify height and width so there is no confusion .. ) ... until then I will use an example of 1536 wide x 2048 high for your original (this is a 3.2 MP camera)

if you have irfanview .. or can download it (FREE) ..


Do this ... using the resize\resample from the "Image" Menu .. resize your height to 1200 by placing 1200 in the "height" box (make sure the "preserve aspect ratio" box is checked)

Your width will automatically set itself to 900 to maintain proper aspect

Now ... go to the "CANVAS size" on the "image" menu .. this will allow you to add BLACK to the sides of your image and make it 1600 wide

To do that take 1600 and subtract 900 from it = 700 .. divide 700 in half = 350 .. place 350 in the "left" and "right" side boxes of the CANVAS size dialog

Now your image is 1600 wide by 1200 high

remember to SAVE AS from the file menu ... to save with a new name


Remember I used EXAMPLE dimensions .. your width will probably be different .. so adjust accordingly

even if you use different software the concepts will be the same (resize your height and let the width fall where it will).. there are a couple ways to do this depending on what you want

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04/14/06 12:22 AM GMT
Merci, Keifer....I have some photos taken with a 5.0 pixel that are 1200Hx960W in the horizontal position-----unfortunately, the image has to be rotated ( in my Photoimpression or picasa programs, for example) to be vertical for proper viewing/posting....will your technique still work .?? The image when rotated to vertical changes the pixels to 960x1200 in Picasa, see my dilemma......i was thinking if i just changed where i placed numbers in canvass resizng would work................ok, will wait for your response...I do have Irfan view and know how to use.............thanks again........P....
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04/14/06 12:35 AM GMT
You know, had a thought: i am able to post with Caedes any image that is horizontal and properly shown without it even necessary to resize at all.?is there a way to rotate the horizontal to vertical and just upload to Caedes?? i hope i am making it clear the image must be rotated in order to be seen properly or as Samatar suggested, i would have to rotate the computer!!
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04/14/06 1:21 AM GMT
Ok .. yes, in that case you will need to rotate ... I had thought you were going to rotate a vertical image to horizontal for the sake of getting it uploaded

so if your image is 960 x 1200 after rotation ... then ..

subtract 960 from 1600 = 640 .. divide in half = 320 .... Place 320 in "left and right" side boxes of the CANVAS size dialog box

choose "SAVE AS" from the file menu .. and ... "Voila" ... your new image is all set

Irfanview will tell you the image size down on the left side of the status bar (on the bottom) ... it should now say 1600x1200

good luck .. ;o)

*Make sure that Irfanview is saving a HIGH quality JPEG (90-100) .. or .. choose PNG if you have the bandwidth ... because resaving a JPEG too many times is harmful to its health
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04/14/06 3:23 AM GMT
Keifer.....all works......except........original size after making vertical before canvass re-sizing is 960x1281..what should i subtract from top and bottom??? 20 and 20??? Give me a "holla" as you Americans liike to say.........
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04/14/06 3:45 AM GMT
hehehe ...

To CROP your image

Go to the create custom crop selection in the edit menu .. and select 1600x1200 as your crop box .. it will show up in the upper left of your image .. use the right mouse button to move it into place .. (selecting what will be left of your image) ...

Now .. go back to the edit menu and select CROP .. and the area inside that "crop box" will be your new image

If you can't see the whole image on your screen .. press "F" (to shrink the image to your screen).. select the Crop Box (as mentioned above) .. make your crop .. then press "F" again to re-enlarge your image to normal size

If you don't wish to CROP .. then start over and resize to 1200 height .. then subtract the new width from 1600 and so on and so forth .. according to the instructions up there ... ^^^^
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04/14/06 11:43 AM GMT
Ah suffit!!!!! IT WORKS COMPLETELY/merci bien et bonne journee..bises, P.
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04/14/06 5:31 PM GMT
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04/14/06 11:19 PM GMT
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04/14/06 11:25 PM GMT
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08/09/06 8:36 PM GMT
i have a question, when you said "place 350 in the "left" and "right" side boxes of the CANVAS size dialog" I dont see a left or right side box in the canvas size diologue. so in this case how do i chnage the canvas size??
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08/09/06 10:14 PM GMT
are you using IrfanView?
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08/10/06 3:44 AM GMT
I have had the same problem for so long, when I scan a photo and it is a vertical shot, when I change the size, then the whole picture gets tooooooooo other words its as if everything suddenly got "fat" there a simple way for me to do this ? Its always so hard for me to understand about the vertical sizing, and it never turns out, so I usually end up making the whole photo smaller and adding a frame around it. Any other ideas that I could work with? V
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08/10/06 4:47 AM GMT
If Keiths was confusing...which it wasnt...but incase you like to maybe try an even more confusing one...(For photoshop..but it should be almost/exactly the same in gimp/infranview) (Hey, i wrote this last night...and its been edited 3 times...

As for the vertical wallpaper your will have to make a border. Like say your picture is 800x1200. That means you will have to make a border/background/something that is 400px on each side of the image. Since i'm terrible at explaining this i'll draw a picture! lol:

400px | [Image that is 800px] | 400px <-- All of that is 1200px tall.

How to do that, photoshop/infranview/GIMP should do the trick. To do that in those programs (well in this case photoshop..but it should be the same in the other two):

1) Open up your picture
2) Image --> Image size. Then check the "contrain proportions box" or i believe in other programs it is called ..something with "Preserve Aspect Ratio"
3) Change the image size so that the height is either 600, 960, 1200, etc. The width of the image should change so it doesnt turn fat. =P Click ok.
4) Image --> Canvas size. Enter canvas size so its 1600x1200, 1280x960, 800x600, etc.
5) Make the background color whatever you like...i like blk.

For example: You have an image 1000x500. You downsize it (with the proportions box checked) to [automatic number] x 600 <-- 600 is the most sensible in this case. Then go to canvas size, and make it 800x600. You will have empty spaces on either side of the image, so just fill them in with a color of choice.
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08/10/06 12:54 AM GMT
Or for an instant fix... You can always go into photoshop or whatever, create a new blank page turn it black or whatever colour background and then stick the photo onto it...
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08/10/06 5:19 PM GMT
....thats no fun
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