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02/10/15 3:24 AM GMT
Try to keep in mind, when suggesting a topic:

i) Open to all genres of art. Not just photography.
ii) Add a short description (one or two lines is sufficient) , so 'we' know what the artistic aim/intention of the subject matter is.
iii) Try not to repeat previous topics.
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02/10/15 4:04 AM GMT
Whether photography, computer generated art, or manipulation - light is the essential ingredient. A strong contrast of light and dark can be a challenge for any genre.
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If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera. ~Lewis Hine The Earth without art is just 'eh'.
02/11/15 10:16 AM GMT
During this time of the year with the sun still low in the sky it will be easy to find good shadows. This is why I suggested the topic shadows.
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
02/11/15 6:33 PM GMT
Remember, there is a difference between a 'shadow' and a 'silhouette' !

A shadow is not the object itself, but the shape of the object created by blocking the light

A silhouette shows an actual subject, but with the background lit so that the subject's details are not seen, just their shape.

I sugest to add both in the contest topic 'shadows' !


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-*A Wallpaper is worth a million words - And I leave them Speechless!*- ...
02/12/15 4:19 AM GMT

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If you've ever wanted to make a difference but found it hard to believe that one person could... check out the Kiva Team Caedes discussion thread and discover that anything is possible.
02/12/15 9:05 AM GMT
I agree with John (rozem061) about including silhouettes but I cannot change the title any more.
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
02/14/15 2:29 PM GMT
Ok, my inner imp done dood something.. let's see what happens.

Best of luck to all participants. :o)
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02/15/15 12:57 AM GMT
Don't agree with including silhouettes. Shadows and silhouettes are entirely different. To make an image work well with shadow being the main component is extremely difficult - the photographer has to bear that in mind and think ahead when they take the photo. With silhouettes, it's all too easy to get a photo and drag the sliders... No problems with silhouettes per se, but it would be great to see some really wonderful photo's with delightful shadow detail. Not mine I hasten to add, I do everything to reduce shadows in my photo's!
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Open images at full resolution...
02/15/15 3:00 AM GMT
I guess I will post my latest work in the contest, the only point I would like to make is that in my way of thinking a silhouette is really the areas of an image that cannot be reached by the available illumination, therefore those areas are in shadow, thus the only visible part of the image are the shaded areas otherwise the image would be invisible. therefore silhouettes must be considered shadows.
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02/15/15 4:44 AM GMT
Aha.. some more food for thought.

What will 'you' (speaking generally here) submit to the contest? Shadows? Or.. silhouettes?

What criteria will 'you' (speaking generally here, once again) use, when it comes to voting on the submissions? Does one present more of an 'artistic challenge' compared to the other?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Stay tuned.. and watch the contest unfold..

... ...

(*pops some popcorn, gets comfy*)
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02/15/15 4:47 AM GMT
Oops.. while I was composing my post above.. you jumped in ahead of mine, Eugene.

I say.. post to the contest.

And let's see what the voters decide in the end.
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02/18/15 3:19 PM GMT
Shadows hey! don't think we've had that before, my mind's whirling with thoughts. (o:
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02/23/15 10:39 PM GMT
We just hit page number three.. for submissions/entries.

Good good stuff.


And keep'em coming..

(*checks off 'mess with voter's minds' from list of things to do*)

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