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06/28/15 5:46 AM GMT
I have suggested "emptiness".

This allows artists of all kinds to participate.
It can be taken literally or metaphorically.
It invites us to think about the narrative contained in our images.
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Life is not an essay. Life is a story.
06/28/15 6:48 AM GMT
By cabin is meant a hut or a small cottage/shed but not barn.
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
06/28/15 7:58 PM GMT
I felt "emptiness" was sort of interesting. Then I realized we have had that one about 4 years ago. So I thought lets try sort of the opposite "infinity." Then I realized we had that one about 5 years ago. Since we are being sort of philosophical I am suggesting "perfection."
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07/01/15 1:57 PM GMT
Emptiness... hmmmmm... oh, hey! I can do a portrait shot of my brother-in-law's head! Neato! A winner for sure!
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