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12/29/19 8:48 PM GMT
"My Resolution" an image that represents what you plan to accomplish this year.
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Jeff Hamilton
12/30/19 5:10 PM GMT
Best Personal Photo/Drawing/Fractal of 2019. Let each member resubmit their personal favorite of the past year.
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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
12/31/19 12:15 AM GMT
I think an end of the year "Best Personal Photo/Drawing/Fractal of 2019," from Tick, is a great idea. If this topic is accepted by vote, I predict one of the best participation contests of 2020.

Since this would be submissions from artists, it could be handled like Cat's current Image of the Week, by us submitting directly to her, or designated mod, for images to be included in the contest.

Maybe the next contest, after this one, could use this same theme but change it to "Best Artist Photo/Drawing/Fractal of 2019" where you would select someone else's work. Also, maybe increase the nominations per voter to a maximum of five to encourage a larger selection.
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01/05/20 10:16 PM GMT
It's a great contest idea but I suspect there may be a problem because contest entries must be new...don't know if mods can do anything, might be caedes only to re-calibrate's an idea...choose your favorite of 2019, make some little change to it, then re-upload it as a REWORK and it should be an eligible entry:)...and if caedes doesn't change it I would suggest everyone let ppl know what they could do so they can enter.
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01/07/20 4:04 PM GMT
Posting again here as per Pat's suggestion to keep visibility here:

Hi all, I've been sick for a few days and I'm sorry I missed this - we have no ability to change how the entries are qualified, that can only be done by Caedes himself. I would suggest either re-uploading the same image as Pat suggested, or going with whatever the 2nd-choice option was as the contest category.
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Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult...
01/08/20 6:59 AM GMT
So I didn't think the mods could do anything about the contest setup, only caedes can, but the mods can approve or reject images...normally, I don't believe we are supposed to post the same image more than once unless a rework has been done but perhaps an exception might be made in this case so the contest theme can run go with the 2nd choice in the poll would further confuse things for people...there are already 2 contest entries unchanged from the original so perhaps just let everyone do that? for the contest polls, how many votes the entries get etc. here again, I think only caedes could change the setup on that...maybe he'll look in on this discussion and take it into consideration...and another idea John mentioned on another discussion board was it would be an idea if we could enter more than one image in any given contest...I remember years ago you could enter 2 images and back then the site was a lot more active than it is today...these days there are some contests that just barely get the needed 5 entries to vote on so being able to enter more than one image would help with that.
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01/08/20 11:12 PM GMT
FYI, *caedes weighed in on this on the thread in the Feature Bloat / Bug Squash forum:

This is an interesting enough contest topic that I think it is reasonable for us to be lenient with the "no re-uploads" rule. Since this is probably not a common case, I don't think it is worth the effort to change the contest programming code, but I think we can work around the issues easily enough.

- You can re-upload an image only for the purposes of this contest.

- The newly uploaded image must be identical to the original.

- You must leave the original image in the gallery (so we know that it was indeed uploaded in 2019.

- It would be nice if you provided a link from the new image to the original image.
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Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult...
01/09/20 6:48 AM GMT
Great news! Thanks for the update, Cat, and many thanks to Geri.
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