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11/03/12 6:29 PM GMT
I suggested the topic of "Change". To me it seems wide ranging - allowing room for all art forms. It could be change in seasons, light, pattern, color, texture, form etc. Something or someone where change is visible or suggested.

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11/03/12 7:54 PM GMT
Since this is a site that promotes the use of digital art as monitor wallpapers, I rather believe that most folks would prefer something on their screens that personifies what makes them feel good, safe, relaxed, excited, or whatever does it for them (I once knew a young girl who enjoyed eating a stick of butter! Oy!). Perhaps by submitting an image of where we'd rather be we touch the soul of someone else, revealing to them their visual desire? It could be a cosmic landscape, created as CGI, as easily as it could be a photograph, even a contrived and manipulated scene. Just a thought.

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11/04/12 5:17 PM GMT
"Where I'd Rather Be" sounds like a lot of fun! Plus, I like learning about people from their art :)
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"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" -- Dumbledore
11/05/12 12:30 AM GMT
::Nikoneer has made an exceptional point in his suggestion!! An image has to have special appeal in my view if I want it in front of me every time I am in front of my monitor and for a long period of time but...........................being the type of person I am I vote for textures:)
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