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Ended 04/19/14 5:15 PM GMT
Winner: biffobear (See the full results)

1st place
The Old Number 2 by biffobear

rvdb: Congrats triple A work..


Jimbobedsel: Congrats on the 1st place, Biff.

Dunstickin: Been some good ones from this reenactment mate!

this is a cracker...and a great for the current contest

mirto56: Beautiful and perfect for the contest.

biffobear received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Headin' West by 0930_23

picardroe: This is a nice shot, Very good for contest Tick.

corngrowth: See a John Wayne look-alike crossing the river Tick. Must be the same person as depicted in your 'The crossing' image. See however that Bob has another opinion about that. Doesn't matter who's right, it's anyhow a nostalgic image.

Good luck in the contest Owd Fella.

Regards, Cornelius.

0930_23 received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
Maritime Nostalgia 2, Big Brother Is Watching You by corngrowth

Catharina1: Zeer fraaie details in deze scherpe foto... mooi schip!

Jimbobedsel: Exceptional x 10 and then some! Beautiful, Mr. C.

rozem061: Congrats on your well deserved 3rd place, Cornelius

icedancer: Wow, Magnificent shot of this amazing tall ship

4th place
Steaming in from the past by LynEve

Jimbobedsel: That's a work of art, Lyn. Super nice!

Jimbobedsel: Congrats on the 4th place, Lyn.

biffobear: Well done Lyn...R.

LakeMichigan: Love this , Lyn .
Great tones .... showing off that smoke !

mirto56: Congrats on placing in the contest LE. Fantastico!

Dunstickin: That's a great shot of the smoky Joe!...always lovely to see these owd fellas working!

5th place
Useful Penny! by Starglow

rvdb: Congrats with your contest win Carol.


trixxie17: This is excellent for the contest Carol - brings back memories.

biffobear: Well done...R.

Flmngseabass: Congratulations Carol on this well deserved entry!! My wife thought this should have been a 1st place winner:):)