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Ended 04/19/14 5:15 PM GMT
Winner: biffobear (See the full results)

1st place
The Old Number 2 by biffobear

Lightpainter: Great entry. It certainly takes one back to the past. I wonder how many remember the days of the steam engine. The fog helps create a dream like memory.

picardroe: Looks very nice in the fog. Very well done Richie.

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2nd place
Headin' West by 0930_23

rvdb: Congrats A 1 work.


biffobear: Well done Ron....R.

biffobear: Gett'em up move em out...There's chow at the end of the trail.That's if you can stomach a Charlie B. Wooster special..Good entry,Good picture...R.

braces: A wonderful scene Tick. Exhilarating, yes, but think of eating all those beans - all day, every day!

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3rd place
Maritime Nostalgia 2, Big Brother Is Watching You by corngrowth

Nikoneer: When I was kid I spent a lot of time assembling historic ship models—Cutty Sark, the Golden Hind, the Mayflower, etc.—and most of it in getting the rigging just right. A nightmare but worth the effort. This four-master really brings back those days (when my eyes could paint eyes on quarter-inch-high plastic crew members!) and, next to the small craft and the others in the hazy distance, clearly illustrates the massive size of these ships. Modern technology and progress may have streamlined the water craft of today but they simply don't have the elegance, grace, beauty and workmanship of what you've captured here. -Nik

4th place
Steaming in from the past by LynEve

trixxie17: This is beautifully done Lyn and the texture adds so much dimension. Excellent entry.

mesmerized: Very true words, Lyn, and a very nostalgic post for the contest...good luck...I like the smokey effect you used.

biffobear: Well done Lyn...R.

5th place
Useful Penny! by Starglow

Jhihmoac: I remember one of my relatives having one of these...Nice bit of nostalgia here...Faved...

trixxie17: This is excellent for the contest Carol - brings back memories.

Dunstickin: Wow...I also remember doing that...especially on those '10 record' stacking players!

Great post..and thanks for those memories