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Ended 09/08/14 7:15 AM GMT
Winner: nanadoo (See the full results)

1st place
There are many ways to view the world..... by nanadoo

luckyshot: Rita - A child at play - terrific capture! Thad

nanadoo: Wow......I wasn't expecting a scathing response to the photo. If there was an issue with the photo, I believe the proper thing to do would have been to address it with the mods and not publicly on my page. I truly see no need to be hurtful.........however, I make no apologies for the entrant.

nanadoo received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Take Us For A Ride by mirto56

tigger3: Lol! Great contest entry, you sure were at the right place at the right time for this one.:) Tigs♥ =^..^=

Constance52347: Funny one especially with the window reflection! Good entry.

GIGIBL: Excellent shot Doug good luck in the contest.

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3rd place
Secret Agent by Ramad

LynEve: LOL - well done Raj. His (or her?) eyes are hidden but the rest of him a little over exposed :)
I wonder what the mission is - seek out stray photographers maybe.
Good luck in the contest

trixxie17: A real funny one Raj - all this secret agent is missing is a cold martini! A great entry.

4th place
"I turn my back for twooooooo seconds!!!" by Nikoneer

mirto56: And a fine entry it is NiK. She's checking where to put the soap. How cute!

mirto56: Congrats NiK and to your daughter, on placing in the Humorous contest with this fantastic photo! Bravo!

icedancer: First: I hope your son returns safe and sound
Second: It's really wonderful to have his family staying with you and watching all the silly things the granddaughter as she grows up.

An Adorable posting and like the presentation. She sure is proud of her achievement and is deep in thought, that's girl power for you. Absolutely love this Nik and a real winner for the Humorous contest in my books. Still a congratulations on 4th place.

5th place
Man and Freedom, Woman and Phone by 0930_23

LynEve: I read your link and appreciate the serious side but the contrasting figures tickle my funny bone as well. Richie's comment added to that :)
I believe she just took a photo from below and is studying his form.
Great entry