No Turning Back  

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Uploaded: 12/10/14 8:33 PM GMT
No Turning Back
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This statue by Veryl Goodnight depicts a young, windblown, pioneer woman looking eastward as she grips a wagon wheel pointing Westward. You can read more about it here. The statue is located in St. Joseph, Missouri. There are several of these statues in the United States.

The statue depicts part of the hardships that came with heading west. The migration west occurred during the growth of the United States. I tried to give it an effect that displays the rough days and nights on the trail.

My entry into the current contest.


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12/10/14 9:19 PM GMT
A wonderful image Tick - whatever final editing you did it's outstanding - a fave for me.
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12/10/14 9:31 PM GMT
It's never too late to turn back! I'll reserve my comments about the west; having been born and raised on the east coast. I've always wondered what people in central U.S. have to say about the east/west discourse. I really like the sculpture; however, you're editing adds so much more some excellent art, Tick!
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12/10/14 10:08 PM GMT
Your editing has made the woman and wheel look like an old painting in sepia. It shows the dilemma very well - go on into the unknown or turn back? Very nice!
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12/10/14 10:14 PM GMT
Wow, this is absolutely beautiful and your presentation is perfect and does look like it's really old. Thanks for that wonderful link, right into my favs. Bravo
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12/10/14 10:50 PM GMT
Excellent close-up well done Tick.
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12/10/14 10:53 PM GMT
I like your presentation better than the one on the link...she looks like a shadow from the past... beautifully done and great entry for the contest.
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12/10/14 11:04 PM GMT
Your effects really elevate your shot. More than the picture of a statue.
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12/11/14 12:04 AM GMT
Terrific editing work you've done on this photo and super entry.
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12/11/14 12:31 AM GMT
That's a masterpiece, Tick. You have become a real artist. Outstanding work.
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12/11/14 12:34 AM GMT
Very nice b/w for the contest Tick.
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12/11/14 1:00 AM GMT
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12/11/14 2:33 AM GMT
Very impressive! with the woman looking with hope and fear toward the west and her new life
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12/11/14 3:47 AM GMT
Tick, I love what you have done with this, perfect for the contest, and in my opinion, very professional job of editing. Faved! tigz=^..^=
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12/11/14 5:27 AM GMT
Tick, you nailed the presentation perfectly. The image looks like an old photo ... one that has probably been handed down from generation to generation. Excellent contest entry, Tick ... your recent work totally amazes me.
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12/11/14 6:49 AM GMT
Exceptional piece of art Tick!!!!!!!!!!! You can 'feel' her struggle as a pioneer woman in this marvelous image. Superb post-work really makes this shine:):)
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12/11/14 8:39 AM GMT
A great entry!....All 'pioneers' everywhere had a hard life!...some more than other's!...

Very nice work done on this! both smoothness and gritty feel this throws out!...nice bit of history too!

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12/11/14 12:21 AM GMT
Perfect editing and presentation Tick.
Great entry.
Good Luck Owd Fella


No Turning Back

Too young and naive
to think they could fail

Too full of visions
for the end of the trail

They stored their silk dresses
and donned calico

To join in the cry
of Westward Ho

Their diaries tell
of the endless hours

The vast sea of grass
and bounty of wildflowers

They tell of children
conceived and born

And of those who were buried
in the gray silent morn

Still the wagons rolled on
and the ruts got deeper

The column moved westward
as the route got steeper

Teams dropped from exhaustion
in the summer heat

As the emigrants pressed on
defying defeat

They met Indians who were friends
and many that were foe

They saw days of drought
and blinding snow

Only one thing was certain
along this wagon track

There was absolutely
No Turning Back


Further info on wikipedia.
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12/11/14 6:04 PM GMT
First I would like to say thank you for the link behind this photo it was very interesting and I believe I have seen a film on this subject as well but not sure and it was great to see the horse as well ,so thanks again.Great looking post and love the fitter effect you applied to this image it gives it the Wild West feeling to this piece.Plus when you enlarge this photo the detail is stunning as well.
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12/11/14 10:08 PM GMT
Fabulous photo of the statue Tick. I really like the effect and the subject is dear to a lot of our hearts.
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12/12/14 1:06 AM GMT
Excellent entry, Cap'n...BOL in the contest...
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12/12/14 12:01 AM GMT
i seen the original, i love the effect you portrayed here. i would love to travel back in time to this point in history just to see how easy we have it..i hope i would still have Caedes? then again, i bet their internet connection is slow with dialup opt only.
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12/12/14 3:02 PM GMT
Fantastic image, Ron !!!
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12/12/14 6:06 PM GMT
Tick - A powerful image of this sculpture - the post-photo work is very effective. Well done, my friend. Thad
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If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera. ~Lewis Hine The Earth without art is just 'eh'.
12/15/14 7:31 AM GMT
Tick, this is so powerful....the sculpture speaks volumes of the hardship and determination. Your post work brings it to life. Marvelous work. thank you so much for sharing and no doubt this is a winner!
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12/17/14 3:44 PM GMT
Beautiful! Not only is the statue a work of art but also your photo rendition of it.
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12/22/14 3:04 PM GMT
Tick, congratulations for your 5th place in the 'triangle' contest Owd Fella!
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12/23/14 12:08 AM GMT
Congratulations on placing in the contest! Still love this.
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12/23/14 3:48 AM GMT
Congratulation on placing fifth Ron!
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
12/27/14 8:33 AM GMT
Your in!!! Congrat's Ron on this marvelous shot and your 5th place in the contest!:)
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12/27/14 11:15 PM GMT
Tick - Congratulations on placing in the contest. Thad
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If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera. ~Lewis Hine The Earth without art is just 'eh'.
01/13/15 11:06 AM GMT
Perfect for the BWC Tick - added to the list for Wednesday, thankyou.

Well deserving of the accolades already give, Splendid editing on your photo pf this very moving statue.
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01/14/15 5:31 PM GMT
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