Mama's Lily  

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Uploaded: 06/28/19 4:27 PM GMT
Mama's Lily
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My mother moved into a Care Facility about 10 years ago and I transplanted this Lily from her flower garden to mine. We sold her property (my father died in 2004) and she wanted me to keep the Lily. As you can see it has flourished. I picked one of the blooms and took it to her yesterday. I think it made her day. She turned 95 years young in May.


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06/28/19 5:15 PM GMT
Your mother has really reached an admirable old age Tick. She must have been happy with the lily. After all it comes indirectly from her own work. Nice photo of the lilies here. I like the color too.
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06/28/19 5:15 PM GMT
She would be proud of her son looking after these delightful Lilies..Amazing colour on these, and they look to have blossomed very well.
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06/28/19 6:58 PM GMT
Gorgeous photo Tick. Cherished lily indeed. It is wonderful that you could take some bloom smiles to your dear mother.
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06/28/19 7:08 PM GMT
Beautiful deep rich color in these lilies and how nice that you are able to keep them growing since moving them from her garden...I'm sure she was very happy to receive your touching gift...a lovely meaningful post for FF.
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06/28/19 7:21 PM GMT
I wish her continued long life and these lilies are really spectacular - no wonder she wanted you to keep it.
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06/28/19 8:40 PM GMT
Beautiful lilies Tick and a heart warming narrative in regard to your mother - flowers are amazing and they make us so happy - Great Capture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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06/28/19 11:16 PM GMT
The deep color, and details are excellent, what a beautiful close up. I think that is so special that you were able to still share one of the blooms with her, very thoughtful, wtg Tick. tigz=^..^=
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06/29/19 7:33 AM GMT
Owd Fella Tick (OFT), think that your old mother was very surprised by your precious gesture. Must be a touching moment for her as well, probably because of bringing back fond memories.
Not only a good F contribution. but also a striking post (mainly because of your narrative).
Very well done, 👍 !
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06/29/19 3:13 PM GMT
Such a beautiful lily, you took one to your mother and I bet she loved it. Reminds me of a song by George Jones, called (Flowers for Mama). I cry every time I listen to it, but too, it makes me feel good.
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07/04/19 1:54 PM GMT
This is a beautiful ( and thriving) lily, and a great reminder of your mother and the memories of life at the homestead. Pretty darn good photo, too!
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07/12/19 4:30 PM GMT
Nice rich colours! very pleasing to my eyes.
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