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Uploaded: 06/09/06 6:16 PM GMT
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This is my version of a dreamweaver that catches all the wonderfull dreams. I hope that you guys enjoy it. I would like to hear you comments Jason


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06/09/06 6:24 PM GMT
very dream like, so pretty; great effects and design.
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Desire is half of life; indifference is half of death. Kahlil Gibran
06/09/06 6:24 PM GMT
Wow! Awesome fractal. Love everything that's going on with it.
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06/09/06 6:26 PM GMT
Hi Jason -- I like the transparancy of the blue and the soft edges of the white. Nicely done. Local Indian people here call them dreamcatchers.Good job ...Bill
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Be impeccable with your word, don't make assumptions and always do your best
06/09/06 6:26 PM GMT
Like everything going on in there Jason ! Good luck in the contest !
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Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls .......Let The Machine Get It ........ MY GALLERY
06/09/06 7:06 PM GMT
well Jason, this one deffinately takes the cake, probably one of the better ones I have seen in this contest so far!

I love it!

good luck with the contest
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Ignorance Can Be Cured -~- But Stupid Is Forever
06/09/06 7:49 PM GMT
Awsome Jason, I like how it's positioned on the right. Good luck in the contest!
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All of which makes me anxious at times unbearably so Check this out!
06/09/06 8:25 PM GMT
good job like most the left part
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life is a movie that has no genre
06/09/06 9:08 PM GMT
Well done, Jason. Very striking.
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06/09/06 10:16 PM GMT
Beautiful & very dreamy. I love it!!!!! Best of Luck in the contest Jason.
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Friends are like shining stars. You may not always see them, but you know they are always there for you.
06/09/06 10:53 PM GMT
i like the strings; they like they are tied together...but sorry to burst your bubble, dreamweaver is already a copyrighted name, lol. =P
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Caedes is so much fun! It has little blue buttons, and they even turn green! ...other features include posting images, but who cares about that part. Blue buttons!
06/10/06 12:04 AM GMT
Very good Jason, this has a little more color and that I think is great. A little musical title heh.
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06/10/06 12:33 AM GMT
Very cool! Great colors and design, I like the way it's off centered too! Good luck in the contest..=)
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"Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun -Pablo Picasso My Gallery
06/10/06 2:03 AM GMT
Great work Jason, love the colours and the design... wonderful.. good luck in the contest
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"A sense of humour is as important to life as shock absorbers to a car.. It helps us over the bumps im life" / P.K. Shaw
06/10/06 3:18 AM GMT
Wish I had some fabric with this design. Very lovely. I think you have a good chance of winning that contest too.
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06/10/06 5:58 AM GMT
Truly super rendering! The colors and presentation are outstanding. Nice!!!
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More does not always equal better!
06/10/06 8:22 AM GMT
My 3 fave colors!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like this design and think you did great!
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The Voting Booth is your friend..........:)
06/10/06 1:01 PM GMT
Fantastic fractal work Jason!! Luv the blue / greenish part as well as the soft, blurred centerpiece!! Best of luck in the contest!!
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06/10/06 9:59 PM GMT
Magnificient, Magnificient, Magnificient...Nothing to say more than that
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06/11/06 12:21 AM GMT
Wow! Great work Jason. Love the lines in this. Nice depth too. What program was used?? Keep 'em comin'. ;^)
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06/11/06 1:43 PM GMT
Beautiful and Exciting Fractal..Excellent Work..Well done
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07/26/06 5:01 PM GMT
Jason, your beautiful design graces my desktop now - what a pleasure! - Patty
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It's all about perspective and perception.
03/14/07 2:02 AM GMT
Really wonderful work. I just came across your two excellent entries and I think this is my favourite. It has a beautifully fragile look, but while it appears as though it might easily be damaged, it also looks as though it might easily trap, ensnare. Perhaps that is dreamlike - a dream can easily be broken, ended, by a sound or alarm waking somebody (not me - nothing wakes me - but most people), but, absent that, a dream can trap and ensnare somebody in experiences apparently beyond their control.

- cfr
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