Campbell Hotel, Nowata, Oklahoma  

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Uploaded: 08/27/10 8:30 PM GMT
Campbell Hotel, Nowata, Oklahoma
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Happened to drive by this old hotel this week and thought it would be a good shot for the old buildings contest. It's always sad to me to see these fine old buildings languishing away, I imagine this one would have lots of good stories to tell about cattlemen and the oil business, the two things most important to that area.


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08/27/10 9:51 PM GMT
Very good shot, I like it very much.
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08/27/10 9:59 PM GMT
Very beautiful picture, lovely houses.
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08/28/10 12:10 AM GMT
I bet the stories wouldn't be for the faint of heart Larry.
Too many of these buildings across our nation that are doing exactly this. There should be some type of reward for fixing them up. I like the post very much. Good luck in the contest.


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Cameras are like people--sometimes they lose focus.
08/28/10 7:25 PM GMT
nice shot!
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08/31/10 11:10 AM GMT
Nice shot! good luck in contest!!
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09/02/10 5:48 AM GMT
Hello, Larry....

Yes, I can see that it's languishing from the bricks missing near the roof at the angle point closest to the camera. But, you know, the structure looks very sound in spite of the disrepair. It might not meet the seismic building standards here in California, but it looks very solid.

Very nice shot of the detailed brick work in this wonderful old building. The buildings were real artists back when this baby was young.

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"I ask you...Just where does the fire go when it goes out?" -Ben Dover
03/01/19 3:58 PM GMT
Great shot of one of my favorite sites in Nowata, Ok. I was in high school in late 1950's in Nowata.
When we had a good snow, we would take our sleds to the top of the hill next to the Campbell Hotel and ride all the way to the bottom. By that time the hotel was turned into apartments.

I was a paper boy for the Nowata Daily Star when in Junior High. One of my customers was bed ridden and lived in an apartment in the upstairs of the Campbell Hotel. I would have to climb the stairs each day and deliver the lady a newspaper. She was the wife of the man owning the Rexall Drug Store. Thanks!
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