Waiting ...  

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Uploaded: 12/30/07 1:55 PM GMT
Waiting ...
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Waiting for the tram is something so typical - and so terrible those cold days ...


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12/30/07 2:31 PM GMT
Beautiful shot for such a dreary day. Wouldn't you know it?
All that soft light, and no flowers to photograph. Only 83 more days until the equinox.
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12/30/07 3:25 PM GMT
A very recognicable scene ! For some reason, when i get to the bus or tram stop, it has already just left, or when i get bored of waiting i light a sigarette, and just when i do, the bus comes around the corner grrrr. Great posting Sabine !
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12/30/07 3:27 PM GMT
Very good image and she does look like she's ready to get out of the cold. So very nice and clear my friend. Sandi♥
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12/30/07 4:31 PM GMT
It does not look at all that cold - the girl has got no headwear like cap and her nose is not blue - these are my symptoms of being REAL cold LOL
Very nice and peaceful image, Sabine.
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
12/30/07 7:04 PM GMT
I like the contrast of the girl against the stone of the building. The building has same tone as gloomy day. The clarity is excellent. Good luck in the contest.
Happy New Year

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12/30/07 7:05 PM GMT
Very good shot and you really made it show the right mood.
Great work.
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12/30/07 7:45 PM GMT
Sabine, to me you've visulalised very well an almost to all of us well known scene. Although I hate waiting for a tram, bus or train, I must say this image creates the proper mood. Very well done!
Happy New Year, Cornelius
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Cornelius was here! (lol) Click HERE to see his work!
12/30/07 8:23 PM GMT
So Nice and so well known scene..Great shot and post,Sabine.
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12/30/07 8:59 PM GMT
I like it .. a wonderful shot:)
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12/31/07 8:33 PM GMT
I forgot that the aggrivating rutual known as "commuting" very part of the urban environment! Thanks for sharing...Good luck in the contest!
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12/31/07 9:34 PM GMT
Fabulous capture.
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01/02/08 1:33 PM GMT
good luck in the contest!! she looks fed up waiting for that tram!! its not soooo cold here thank goodness!!
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01/05/08 1:06 AM GMT
Interesting shot which carries with it a fairly high level of emotion and possible story line. Thanks for sharing it.
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02/07/08 12:06 AM GMT
She looks so alone! Nice job! Best wishes for contest!
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