Now Until Forever - Rework  

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Uploaded: 05/26/08 10:55 PM GMT
Now Until Forever - Rework
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I noticed Cindy's lovely wedding photograph "Now Until Forever". I was really captivated by the way she captured such a touching moment of affection between the newly wed couple. She graciously allowed me to play with the image. The image above is the result of my "play" and below is the info on what I did.

Image - Adjustments - Levels:
Input levels at 17, 1.50 221. This brightened the scene, but still retained shadow depth, giving more visible details.

Image - Adjustments - Selective Color:
Adjusting the tones of each color brightened and gave more texture to the brides dress and brought a bit more depth of color and warmth into the scene. The percentages were determined simply by playing with the sliders and viewing the image as I adjusted. Not some complicated mathematical formula or anything ;)

-40% Cyan/-50% Magenta/+10% Yellow/+15% Black

-20% Cyan/-25% Magenta/+20% Yellow/+20% Black

Yellows- -25% Cyan/-20% Magenta/+13% Yellow/+20% Black

+25% Cyan/+15% Magenta/+20% Yellow/+25% Black

Cyans- -50% Cyan/-50% Magenta/+20% Yellow/+20% Black

Next I attacked the little building in the distance with the clone tool to remove it from the scene.

Lastly, I am such a sucker for the Orton effect, and I think it works really well with scenes like this. It adds a certain dreamy quality, which is great for weddings! So..Orton effect applied, with about 60% opacity on the screen layer and 70% opacity on the gaussian layer.

There you have it :) I hope Cindy thinks I did this one justice. A big thank you to her for allowing me to play with this, I really enjoyed it. She captured such a wonderful moment in time!


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05/27/08 12:34 AM GMT
Well, Cindy...I've heard of couples running off to get married, but I have never heard of the honeymoon getaway running off. LOL. You did a good job with the cloning. You are right about the dream quality with Orton. Very nice. I like both images.

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What you see is what you get
05/27/08 1:53 AM GMT
I like both images also, but you really did a Fine Job Tweaking it.
I like what the Orton's effect did to the image also.
Standing O to the Both of You.

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05/27/08 3:36 AM GMT
Wondefully reworked. A great capture for you both.
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Angelle "I aim to Misbehave." Malcom Reynolds...Serenity
05/27/08 3:43 AM GMT
I downloaded this to get a better idea of what they look like side by side. I think the Orton's softened the image and made it more ethereal. I do love Orton's too. Levels really lightened it up a bit too, but I got lost with the Selective Color. I've not really tried that, but maybe now I'll give it a go. It wasn't very easy to get the lighting I wanted with this shot. I would have needed a big flash I think like the pros there had. I just happened to get into the melee of the photo op and sneaked in a few shots of my own. I was trying for a more spontaneous image while the pros were giving directions and a girl was holding one of those large reflectors to the side to get more light on them.
The newly weds really didn't have to be told how to strike a pose anyway. They were so much in love, the looks and body language were just a natural part of how they felt towards each other. Their names are Carla and Matthew, btw.
Thank you, Rebecca for giving me ideas and showing me what else can be done with such an image. The setting for this shot was half way up a mountain in Eastern Mass.
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You may lose the rights to your own art. Read MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Or watch the VIDEO
05/27/08 5:33 AM GMT
Commented on the original image that I had my doubts whether cloning out of the hut was possible or not. Like to say now, that the result is amazing. Rebecca, to me you've done a wonderful job. Thanks for giving us some 'editing education' (lol) as well.
Regards, Cornelius.
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Cornelius was here! (lol) Click HERE to see his work!
05/27/08 5:17 PM GMT
You did a beautiful job! I like both also, but this really makes it look romantic and truer!
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Love and live!
05/27/08 11:46 PM GMT
a well done job ...looks beautiful:)
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05/30/08 3:44 PM GMT
I think you did a really wonderful job with this, especially getting rid of the building, and Orton was a great choice for this shot! Gave it a 10 in the VB.
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carissa =D
06/02/08 9:58 PM GMT
Oh wow!

I would love to be the photographer responsible for a work of art like this. The sentiment and utter truth of what marriage should be is absolutely beautiful.

Very, Very good pic!
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Creation sings His majesty. You cannot see a sunrise, and doubt His existence. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~Christian Of Caedes~~
08/06/08 4:27 PM GMT
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