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Uploaded: 04/07/17 8:12 AM GMT
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Pretty flower growing on a vine in front of my porch. I'm open to comments for improvement. Thanks!


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04/07/17 8:43 AM GMT
Beautiful color and good details overall. You don't need any improvement on this one Connie.
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04/07/17 9:22 AM GMT
---I'm open to comments for improvement.---

Connie, like Raj above, I can't provide you with any comments for improvement too.
The only thing that I can comment on this one is that it's a wonderful image with fine colors and a perfectly toned background. Very well done, my friend!
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04/07/17 9:23 AM GMT
Wonderful close up, Connie. Just on time for Friday. :))) Have a great weekend.
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04/07/17 12:13 AM GMT
It looks just fine to me. The colours are vibrant yet natural and the detail on the clematis bloom is just right.
AND I love that blue !
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04/07/17 1:11 PM GMT
Lovely Blue..R.
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04/07/17 1:58 PM GMT
Connie, she is lovely, and you did a fine job on this one. Nothing to really offer on this one. tigs=^..^=
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04/07/17 2:27 PM GMT
Such a striking colour...a terrific composition and contrasts!
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04/07/17 2:50 PM GMT
Don't know that you could improve on this one, as to me it is a perfect capture. Excellent!!
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04/07/17 2:52 PM GMT
Makes a very pretty desktop... lovely fresh colours. The flower is nearly perfect. I take a lot of clematis photos too, as it's a common flower in our garden, but I can't say I have any tips -- I'm more of a snapshooter than a real photographer, so I get some nice photos... and a lot with flaws. :-)
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04/07/17 5:46 PM GMT
WOW!! Great color on this beauty. Nice one Connie:)
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04/07/17 8:04 PM GMT
I take a lot of flower shots as you know and this is pretty much perfect. Flower slightly off center is good, sharp details on the petals and color appears spot-on.
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04/08/17 7:38 AM GMT
This is about the only bloom that has 8 petals....Most other's have an 'Odd' number of them!....So graceful!
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04/08/17 7:43 PM GMT
Loving clematis Constance - this shade of blue is outstanding - Excellent Capture!!!:-):-):-)
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04/09/17 1:56 PM GMT
Very nice with great details.
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04/13/17 1:19 AM GMT
Very well taken, great details
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04/14/17 7:45 PM GMT
So lucky to have them already - we are still getting rid of all our snow
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04/17/17 5:09 PM GMT
Way behind catching up nice work.

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