Deer at Dusk  

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Uploaded: 04/20/18 12:35 AM GMT
Deer at Dusk
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Out for an evening walk and was joined by this very patient creature.


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04/20/18 7:21 PM GMT
Hi there, Craig! Welcome to caedes. Hope you enjoy your time here and look forward to more uploads from you...this one is a very good capture of this gentle, graceful animal.
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04/20/18 8:33 PM GMT
Thanks! I look forward to it. There are a lot of very beautiful pictures here.
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04/21/18 3:59 AM GMT
Her flag is down so she must feel comfortable with you so close. Welcome to Caedes, Craig; your shirt will be ready next Thursday. We have just one question... do you prefer snaps or straps at the cuffs of your seven-foot sleeves? [oD

Since this is an entry in the "Characters in Nature" contest... are you seeing a letter or a number here? I can't tell.

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04/21/18 5:15 AM GMT
You got good focus on her, especially in the dim twilight. The composition is spot on too. It's nice to see talented people join the site, and there are many beautiful pictures here, but so many that took or made them, are gone. The site is a treasure, but it can always use new blood. Welcome aboard.
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04/21/18 8:41 AM GMT
Welcome Craig, your capture is remarkable. I am not sure how you managed to get this shot, did you wear really soft sneakers and walk on really soft grass? Even the slightest sound would have sent this deer on its way. The setting is perfect, and details and composition are grand.
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05/07/18 3:40 PM GMT
Nice shot Craig. Looks like she's been nursing some young ones. Were you close or use a zoom lens because you got some great detail:) Welcome to Caedes by the way:):)
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05/09/18 4:55 PM GMT
Very well focused, and clear, I wonder how close you actually were to her? tigs=^..^=
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