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Uploaded: 06/12/06 12:54 AM GMT
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Poor little kitty had a nightmare. Enjoy! };^)


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06/12/06 1:23 AM GMT
That kitty doesn't look scared, looks like it's pretty damn mad to Good one Dave into the favs it goes. Thanks
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06/12/06 1:44 AM GMT
Great flame Dave! Great design and gradient. GL in the contest! Carol
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06/12/06 2:13 AM GMT
Haha! It looks like Hottrockin gone wild! Very cool flame Dave! Best of luck in the contest!..=)
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"Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun -Pablo Picasso My Gallery
06/12/06 2:59 AM GMT
That looks like a evil spirit......wich by the way is awesome!!! Well done!!
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06/12/06 3:03 AM GMT
Awesome- Good luck in the contest!
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06/12/06 3:17 AM GMT
WOW This breathe taking. This design is fantastic. Great composition and great colors.
I hope to see some more soon
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06/12/06 3:42 AM GMT
Wow .... fantastic flame work Dave. This is amazing ..... great colors. Good Luck in the contest.
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06/12/06 4:39 AM GMT
Ogre! "AHHHH I'm an ogre!", yeah, very good.
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If I had 1 qeradabillion (doesnt exist) dollars, I would first donate a 100000000 dollars to ... =P ...then i could go grab some tacos from taco bell.
06/12/06 5:10 AM GMT
I agree - this is quite awesome. Nice job.
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06/12/06 10:06 AM GMT
Wonderful fit 'n' flow to the overall flame Dave!! Perfect gradient too!!
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06/12/06 1:29 PM GMT
It does look like a cat.. lol... fantastic work.. purrrrrfect flame and colour... very well done Dave
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"A sense of humour is as important to life as shock absorbers to a car.. It helps us over the bumps im life" / P.K. Shaw
06/12/06 9:05 PM GMT
Thank you all!! After seeing all the other entries, I'm glad you wished me good luck. It looks like I'm gonna need it. ;^)
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06/14/06 9:00 PM GMT
Fantastic fractal work. From the looks of it, I'd say the kitty was the nightmare. Good luck in the contest.
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More does not always equal better!
08/19/06 6:57 AM GMT
gee just when i was getting over thinking cats were evil, lol. its cool anyways. i agree with katman, looks more like the nightmare, good none the less
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"Pictures make the world go 'round."
10/05/06 4:21 PM GMT
very nice! how did you do that? i like it very much! thank you
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03/09/07 4:06 AM GMT
Brilliant work, but I don't see any cats asleep or otherwise.

Beautiful, though. Feathery like wings, lighter than air and brilliantly lit...

- cfr
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07/23/08 1:45 PM GMT
that is so totaly cool
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07/23/08 1:45 PM GMT
that is so totaly cool
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