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Uploaded: 06/29/06 10:54 PM GMT
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Bryce 5. Thanks for lookin. =)


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06/29/06 11:07 PM GMT
very nj Randy, that's another for me desktops folder 8•)
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06/29/06 11:17 PM GMT
Sweet Balls! :-) Really like the reflections in these. Very Cool.
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06/29/06 11:43 PM GMT
*snickers*… ok… so I can't resist… I'll pm you the real line, but for those @ home…

My Randy… what Big shapes of a certain color you have! 8•P
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06/29/06 11:44 PM GMT
LMFAO @ Cat ^ ....Cat likes my balls. *blush*
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06/30/06 12:01 AM GMT
LOL great work though ;P
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06/30/06 1:07 AM GMT
Very cool there Randy, I really like this Bryce stuff I may have to look into that. lol yeah after I get apop figured out in about 3 yrs.
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06/30/06 1:32 AM GMT
*fans self* they're just so big… and blueeeeeeeeeee 8•P
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06/30/06 2:18 AM GMT
Realy Great Image, I have downloaded that for my desktop. :-) I love the colour you have chosen.
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06/30/06 3:11 AM GMT
Poor know that's a medical condition & I believe a doctor can treat you for it. :o) Lots of fluids & rest, I'm sure !
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06/30/06 6:51 AM GMT
Very well executed and simple render...Nice color assignment...Kudos!
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06/30/06 9:50 AM GMT
Simple,Cool and Very Beautiful..A Great 3D image..Love it..
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07/01/06 1:12 AM GMT
Geeze, this looks neat on my desktop! Love it, Randy! Wen
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07/17/06 11:04 PM GMT
Great colors. The reflections are excelletn. Looking at these reminds me of heisenberg's principle (this sure makes me sound soooo geek :P). Another great desktop from caedes :D. Keep it up
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09/04/06 5:38 PM GMT
Great color background is way cool and the orbs are out of this world good job
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Care Bear Luvs You Very Much! A dozen roses from the heart brightens each and every day for a perfect start!!
02/26/07 9:30 PM GMT
I suspect the background might make this a little trying as a desktop, but the orbs are just out of this world. I like orbs, but these are really special. Orbs (reflected) within orbs within orbs... I don't really know why, but they are truly stunning.

- cfr
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03/30/07 1:30 PM GMT
I've had this one in my Favourites for a long time - almost as long as I've been here (well, not quite, but certainly since before I uploaded anything myself). I'm looking through my Favourites just now and thought it was high time I mentioned it. :-).
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05/29/08 1:46 AM GMT
This masterpiece gave me the shivers like some incredible music does - absolutely clear and top quality - nice job - made me become a member just so I could tell you!
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04/01/10 4:32 AM GMT
Ooooooooooooo I just found this! How gorgeous, My BLoo Bubbles?
Love them . Am super happy to find these.And it is going straight onto my desktop for a good long while!! Verena
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03/17/11 10:48 PM GMT

Looooovvveeeee the blue and the crystal spheres, Randy! Thank you for sharing all this wonderful art work, I is a delicious and fantastic travel to my soul! Your work art is really great!
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Susie Sun

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