Let there be light!  

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Uploaded: 03/10/07 8:51 PM GMT
Let there be light!
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I've been putting this together "off, and on" for about a week now. I finally got around to rendering it this morning. This simple object proved to be one of the more difficult renders ever for me. Getting the Argon gas into the bulb was a real trick! Thanx 4 lookin'. =)


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03/10/07 10:36 PM GMT
This is so fantastic!! Really don't know what else to say? Superb and just so well done!! <> sandi
To my favs. btw!
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Are we thinking spring yet?.
03/10/07 10:46 PM GMT
That is totally Cool!
I won't EVEN Ask!!

I just don't know how you do, some of the stuff you do man.
GREAT Render! And a Fav.
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03/10/07 11:45 PM GMT
Well done buddy, I'd say ya did a good job on this one.
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03/10/07 11:55 PM GMT
Nice work on this.The black and white is very effective.
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03/11/07 7:10 AM GMT
Into my faves, just fantastic, well done :-)
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03/11/07 9:38 AM GMT
Another absolute stunner from you, Randy. Its the details in your images that most hold the attention, in this case - the filament, the Edison screw and the bulb's reflection are all rendered with truly awesome precision. I also find interesting the non-spherical shape of the bulb.

I can see why the argon gave you so much difficulty. [And I though it was just a lot of hot air inside a lightbulb!] Gives a whole new meaning to airbrushed.

A great image that lights up my desktop a treat!
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03/11/07 10:11 AM GMT
Randy, I saw this image just in the VB and it 'kept me really tight'. So I was searching for it in the 'new images' gallery and you see, by this comment, that I've found it. My qualification: 'it's a stunning image.' Very well done! Thanks (for sharing) & regards, Cornelius
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Verbeter de wereld, begin bij jezelf (improve the world, start with yourself).
03/11/07 5:16 PM GMT
A simple, appealing and strangely elegant desktop. By 'simple' I do not, of course, mean it was simple to _make_, but often it takes more work to create a simple result than an apparently more complex one.

I honestly have no idea how much work this sort of thing takes or how it is done. This means I'm very impressed but probably not very good at telling when to be more and less impressed!

Good job. I really like the simple non-colouring of this.

Now the EU has decided to outlaw the sale of these, can we expect an energy-efficient replacement for this? I can't remember the deadline, but you would have several years, at least. (If, of course, the plan ever actually works.)

Just kidding, of course.

- cfr
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03/11/07 7:32 PM GMT
Absolutely Cool image..Fantastic work..
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03/11/07 8:59 PM GMT
Once again you totally blow me away, although I see that no actual light bulbs were harmed in the making of this picture, although I worry about the level of your concentration and I hope you took lots of time off while you were doing this...amazing stuff, my friend.


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"You owe it to us all to get on with what you're good at." W.H. AUDEN (1907-1973)
03/14/07 7:59 PM GMT
very good work here!
i love how you can see the filament in the reflection!!!
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...of all the things i've lost... i miss my mind the LEAST!
03/28/07 7:32 PM GMT
I love this one. Once again, great work
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03/31/07 5:20 PM GMT
nice work .. light, yet dark at the same time ..

the yin and yang of the public utilities commission
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*---===>>>>>(`._(`._.: :o) <---- OBLIGATORY SMILEY :._.)_.)<<<<<===---*
07/30/07 2:13 PM GMT
very very impressive. i'm very very impressed. lol
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"Jamis fights with either hand."
10/23/09 3:45 PM GMT
i love it. Its cool.
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02/27/14 11:31 PM GMT
Very nice rendering, thanks. (I downloaded it) for sharing, but it looks like neon gas to me in your bulb.
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