Triangle Flower  

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Uploaded: 07/28/09 9:46 PM GMT
Triangle Flower
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i am truly sorry for not commenting on your pictures. im sorry. i had a really busy summer cleaning and working and doing so many things like unbelieveable. i wish i can find some real valuable time here. i hope you like it


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07/28/09 9:49 PM GMT
Lovely shapes and colors,nice design,you did well.
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07/28/09 9:53 PM GMT
Like it??? Mma, I LOVE it! Great design, and the colors are wonderful! You are doing so good, girl!!
Would like to see this in a larger size though, but that's my ONLY critique. It's like anything good-- you always want more of it, lol.
And that other thing we talked about? You're doing wonderfully with that too. See, I noticed, lol.
Excellent job!
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07/28/09 9:58 PM GMT
I like the textures, color and the off center look of your creation. Great post.


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07/28/09 11:41 PM GMT
Love it Mma. It's another of your cosmic DNA images. Keep it up!
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07/29/09 12:01 AM GMT
To me, it looks like something that might be floating around in space...and if it is, I ain't goin'. LOL. Nice work Mma. You can spend more time on Caedes when you get to be my age, and and you don't have anything better to do. He he.

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07/29/09 1:48 AM GMT
Ifedimma - This is terrific! Thad
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07/29/09 1:56 AM GMT
This is a neat design. Great colors too.
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07/29/09 2:56 AM GMT
Love the design and such a delicate looking textures, fabulous colours.
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07/29/09 3:04 AM GMT
Just beautiful Mma! I love the honeycomb feeling to it! It sounds like you've really been busy which is good and it keeps you out of trouble...hehe...Just don't forget us! Excellent frac kiddo!
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Love and live.
07/29/09 7:17 PM GMT
super cool- i love the colors. :D nice work!
Sky Girl
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07/29/09 9:56 PM GMT
It´s a great design and I like the colors very much. Very nice work!
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08/01/09 7:12 PM GMT
I love those colors. A nice one, Mma.
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08/02/09 6:19 AM GMT
I feel you. trust me. but as ::Jimbobedsel said, we might or we could have more time here when we grow older. :D Nice pic! I totally like the colors.
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hello! If you have a facebook account. Kindly add me: or bittersweetuprising. lol... I'm not soo sure.
08/11/09 4:41 AM GMT
This picture serriosuly blows my mind.

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